Common Questions

  1. Can I get college credit for the pilot certificates/ratings I already hold?

    Yes. If you currently hold an FAA pilot certificate, you are eligible to receive appropriate college credit for Polk State College courses that correspond to the certificate(s)/rating(s) you hold. In order to be awarded that credit, you must participate in and successfully complete a Certificated Student Assessment (CSA) with the Program Director, Program Coordinator, or an authorized staff member.

    Note: This is a non-lab activity. The CSA must be completed outside of scheduled flight lab times, and a student cannot enroll in an advanced flight lab until the CSA is successfully completed. If it is determined that you do not meet the minimum pilot standards in place at Polk State College, you will be assigned to a flight instructor for remedial training until such time as you can complete the CSA. Because this is a non-lab activity, financial aid monies may not be applied for use, depending on the type of financial aid you receive.

    Students who successfully complete a CSA can expect the following credits for each pilot certificate or rating they currently hold with the FAA:

    • Private Pilot Certificate: 4 credits
    • Commercial Pilot Certificate: 4 credits
    • Instrument Rating: 4 credits
    • Flight Instructor Airplane: 4 credits
    • Instrument Flight Instructor: 1 credit
    • Multiengine Flight Instructor: 1 credit
    • Ground Instructor: 3 credits

    There are some exceptions to the requirement for completing a CSA. Incoming students with prior flight experience and pilot certification are encouraged to review the college’s policy on articulating credit for pilot certificates. There are separate policies for students who hold only an FAA Private Pilot Certificate and for students who hold advanced certificates and ratings above the Private Pilot level.

    Polk State Aerospace – Pilot Certificate Articulation

    Further questions on the CSA process can be addressed with the Program Director or Program Coordinator.