PRINT – 3D Printing Technologies

Polk State College offers two types of scanning technologies.

The Artec Spider scanner provides high resolution, higher accuracy full color scans of intricate items. The Sense Scanner has the ability to complete full body or object scans for memorabilia, comparison or novelty.


Plastic-Jet Printing

Laboratory courses focus on 3D modeling and plastic-jet printing, which is also referred to as fused deposition modeling.  This method extrudes a tiny jet of molten plastic, which is deposited layer upon layer, where it solidifies into a 3 dimensional part.  The technology produces durable parts, which are used for a wide range of prototypes as well as non-marring fixtures for work holding applications in manufacturing.  Different plastic materials can be used, such as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and recyclable Polylactic acid (PLA).