1. What type(s) of information do I need to include regarding litigation?

    In the “Disputes and Litigation” section of your submittal, include:

    • The parties to the lawsuit.
    • The basis of the lawsuit (ex: Breach of Contract, Alleged Surveying Error, Improper Design).
    • The monetary amount claimed/requested.
    • The monetary amount settled/paid.
    • Identify if it is a third party lawsuit.

    Include lawsuits such as:

    • Breach of Contract. Deficient services.
    • Oversight in design / design defects.
    • Defects or deficiencies (ex: You are a Surveyor, and there was a boundary dispute involving a survey you performed.)
    • Errors or omissions.
    • Economic loss due to late completion of your services / delays.
    • Personal injury/death due to negligence regarding your services.
    • Negligence (regarding your services).
    • Negligence in insuring reasonable care during performance of services.
    • Negligence in overseeing projects.
    • Negligence in overseeing maintenance of traffic, if it is specifically your contractual duty.
    • Traffic accidents due to negligence in your design.

    Exclude lawsuits such as:

    • Traffic accidents on or off the project site due to employee being involved in an accident (as the driver of an involved vehicle).
    • Liens/lawsuits filed due to non‐payment (by your client) / Attempts to collect outstanding account receivable.
    • Third party Lawsuits/Lawsuits where you were dismissed from the case because you were not directly involved in the problem.
    • Landlord/tenant lawsuits.
    • Cases where you were granted summary judgment and released from the lawsuit.
    • Improper termination of employment.
    • Negligence cases such as a slip‐and‐fall on your office premises.