1. What type(s) of information do I need to include regarding litigation?

    In the “Disputes and Litigation” section of your submittal, include:

      • The parties to the lawsuit.
      • The basis of the lawsuit (ex: Breach of Contract, Alleged Surveying Error, Improper Design).
      • The monetary amount claimed/requested.
      • The monetary amount settled/paid.
      • Identify if it is a third party lawsuit.

      Include lawsuits such as:

        • Breach of Contract. Deficient services.
        • Oversight in design / design defects.
        • Defects or deficiencies (ex: You are a Surveyor, and there was a boundary dispute involving a survey you performed.)
        • Errors or omissions.
        • Economic loss due to late completion of your services / delays.
        • Personal injury/death due to negligence regarding your services.
        • Negligence (regarding your services).
        • Negligence in insuring reasonable care during performance of services.
        • Negligence in overseeing projects.
        • Negligence in overseeing maintenance of traffic, if it is specifically your contractual duty.
        • Traffic accidents due to negligence in your design.

        Exclude lawsuits such as:

        • Traffic accidents on or off the project site due to employee being involved in an accident (as the driver of an involved vehicle).
        • Liens/lawsuits filed due to non‐payment (by your client) / Attempts to collect outstanding account receivable.
        • Third party Lawsuits/Lawsuits where you were dismissed from the case because you were not directly involved in the problem.
        • Landlord/tenant lawsuits.
        • Cases where you were granted summary judgment and released from the lawsuit.
        • Improper termination of employment.
        • Negligence cases such as a slip‐and‐fall on your office premises.
      • I have previously submitted information regarding our credentials and capabilities to Polk State College. Will this information automatically be provided to the Evaluation Team (ETeam) by the Purchasing Department? Do I need to formally request that this be done?

        No. The ETeam will only receive your official “Submittal” during the evaluation process. No other information/data can be provided to them, including any information you provided outside of the procurement process. All information must be “in the book”.

      • How do I get added to the Bidder List?

        Please review the vendor registration information available here on the College website. Complete the Vendor Registration form and fax it to 863.297.1085. Be sure to reference the correct commodity code for the procurement of interest.

      • I have a question about the RFQ. Who should I call?

        All Proposers are instructed that all contact must be through the Director of Purchasing (and should be done via EMail or faxed to 863.297.1085). Contact with ANY other staff member or Board member is cause for rejection of your submittal.

      • Is it really necessary to provide my Social Security number?

        If you provide a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), you do not need to provide a Social Security number.

      • Do I need to include a Certificate of Insurance with my Submittal, or have my insurance agent mail one to Polk State?

        No. Only the awarded firm will need to provide a certificate of insurance.

      • When will the RFQ be released/distributed?

        Setting the schedule for the procurement is the last item to be done when preparing the RFQ document (this ensures that the schedule does not “slip” and has to be re-determined if deadlines are not met). When the RFQ document (specifications and terms & conditions) is finalized, the Director of Purchasing and the user department’s technical expert meet and set the schedule. Therefore, there is no “set schedule” until that time. When the RFQ document is completed:

        1. It is immediately posted on the College website.
        2. A “blast” email is sent to all vendors who are on the Bidder List. [Of course, only those who have provided Purchasing with a valid email address will receive the blast.]