***************ATTENTION VENDORS***************

Polk State College is in the process of investigating a fraud issue involving a group impersonating an employee of the Polk State College Purchasing office. If you receive any email notifications from any address other than an official @polk.edu address, please do not respond or fill the order. We ask that you please forward the request to purchasinggroup@polk.edu so that it may be passed on to local law enforcement who is looking into this matter. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call the Purchasing office here at the Winter Haven campus at 863-669-2918.


The Purchasing Department is responsible for the procurement of goods and services for the College, and for preparing/reviewing all College contracts.

Purchasing’s duties:

  1. Establishing and administering purchasing policies
  2. Dealing fairly with all potential sources of supply
  3. Obtaining goods and services in an efficient and businesslike manner
  4. Consolidating purchases of like or common items
  5. Obtaining fair prices for materials, equipment, supplies, and services
  6. Generally defining how to effect cost savings and coordinate purchasing and contracting procedures for Polk State College

PURCHASE ORDERS ARE REQUIRED. Verbal orders are not allowed. Goods received without previous issuance of a valid purchase order will be returned to the vendor.