1. Are they any additional fees required, other than tuition and lab fees?

    The cost of textbooks is required for the class.  Some of the computer-specific courses have the curriculum online at no cost.

  2. What kind financial aid is available for the program?

    Students are encouraged to apply for financial aid through the Office of Financial Aid.  Scholarships are also available through the Polk State College Foundation.

  3. How long is the program?

    The program can be completed in 2 years if a student attends full-time and does not need any developmental math, reading or writing courses.

  4. What is the schedule for the program? Is it just during the day?

    The Network Systems Engineering Technology courses are scheduled both day and evenings.  The required general education electives are offered at all campuses and online at various times to accommodate differing schedules.

  5. Is it a full-time or part-time program?

    It can be either — whatever works best for the student.

  6. What is the campus location for the program?

    Computer-specific courses are offered on the Lakeland campus.  General education courses are offered at all campuses and online.