Jobs and Careers


Here you will find information about the many career opportunities available to Network Systems Engineering Technology students. If you are seeking a job, here are helpful hint and guidelines to get started:

  1. + Contact the Program Director

    Johnny Stewart
    Program Director
    Phone: 863.669.2802

  2. + View local jobs

      • Go to
      • Create an account
      • Browse jobs that fit your skillset
      • Select a few jobs that meet your requirements
      • Prepare application documents
  3. + Create a resume & prepare cover letter

    1. Go to
      • Create a free account and create a username and unique password
      • Search for “resume” and “cover letter” and browse the options available
      • Pick a template and edit it to fit your needs or use the template as inspiration and create your resume and cover letter using Adobe InDesign or Microsoft PowerPoint
      • Export the resume to PDF format

    2. Follow accepted guidelines about preparing your resume

    3. Personalize resume and cover letter to specific jobs

      • Research the job offered and the company
      • Visit their website; learn about them
      • Create application documents that emphasize your skills and fit for the selected job

    4. Review application documents

      • Remove all spelling and grammar errors (use services like Grammarly)
      • Avoid using photos on your resume/cover letter
      • Do not start paragraphs with “I”
      • Ensure margins are 0.5 inches or greater
      • Ensure your name and contact information are easy to locate on the page
      • Avoid “To whom it may concern” or “Sir/Madam” in your greeting
      • Refer to the hiring manager(s) by name, if possible
      • Do not use skill sliders (the ones where designers add a skill such as Photoshop, then add a line overlaid with a different color to indicate their proficiency level)
      • Use design software such as Adobe InDesign. Microsoft PowerPoint can also work well. Avoid Microsoft Word or similar word-processing programs
      • Don’t overdo or over-design your resume. Keep it clean, visually attractive, and simple
      • Show a copy to the department staff for review and feedback
      • Revise the resume and cover letter as recommended
  4. + Apply for the job(s)

      • Consult the program director for help with document submission
      • Apply through
      • Submit to the employer via email (Be professional in your email communication)
  1. + Career Services & Internship Program

    Polk State College provides Career and Internship counseling.

      • Contact Career Services for advice and career counseling
      • Register for JoinHANDSHAKE. Post your resume with contact information. Review employment opportunities.

    Students and graduates have the unique opportunity to work in the field of study through Polk State’s professional internship program before graduation and after. The program is centered around community businesses that are seeking skilled students to place in the information technology industry.

    For more information on internships, visit Polk State’s Internship Program.

  2. + Return on Investment

    Polk State College prides itself on being Polk County’s most affordable, accessible choice for higher education.  Polk State College is defined by its industry partnerships, ability to quickly respond to local workforce needs, and commitment to student success.

    Your investment in a Polk State College education is an investment in your future and one that should not be taken lightly. As you consider your options for higher education, please consider the following return on investment figures for Polk State College’s Network Systems Engineering Technology program:

     How much can you make per year?

          • Computer Support Specialists – $57,910
          • Network & Computer Systems Administrators – $80,600
          • Computer Network Architects – $120,520
          • Information Security Analysts – $102,600
            Median annual salaries per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2021)

    Please note that potential salaries within computer-related fields vary depending on the job, education, and experience levels.  Polk State College does not guarantee employment for anyone completing a program nor any specific compensation or benefits if employed.

  1. + Network Infrastructure Jobs

    An AS degree in Network infrastructure from Polk State will help you qualify for an entry-level position as:

      • Network Technician
      • Network Engineer
      • Network Systems Engineer
      • Network Support Specialist
      • Desktop Support Specialist
    For currently advertised jobs in Network Infrastructure, please select one of the links below:
  1. + Network Security Jobs

    An AS degree in Network infrastructure from Polk State will help you qualify for an entry-level position as:

      • Information Security Technician
      • Information Security Analyst
      • Network Security Engineer
      • Cybersecurity Analyst
      • Cloud and Network Security Specialist
    For currently advertised jobs in Network Security, please select one of the links below: