IPS Training Calendar

Advanced and Specialized Training Calendar

Persons interested in attending any of the classes listed below should submit a training request through their agency or contact Kelly Daley at 863.297.1030 for further information and instructions on applying.

Please complete the registration/authorization form that is attached to each course announcement.

* Use this form when applying for an advanced/specialized class at the Institute of Public Safety. It may be completed, scanned, and emailed to IPS staff or faxed to 863.297.1045. Contact Kelly at 863.298.6804 with any questions regarding classes.

Visitors to this webpage who desire emailed announcements of training may place their names and email addresses on the list by emailing  gfahlgren@polk.edu

  • Additional classes may be scheduled.
  • Time and date of some offerings may change.
  • Location of classes will be noted on flyers.

2021 Advanced and Specialized Training Calendar

CourseDates Days Time Hours
October 2021
Special Tactical Problems10/11/21-10/22/21Monday-Friday1830-223040
September 2021
Middle Management9/27/21-10/8/21Monday-Friday1830-223040
Basic Traffic Homicide Investigations9/20/21-10/1/21Monday-Friday0800-170080
Organized Crime9/13/21-9/24/21Monday-Friday1830-223040
August 2021
Speed Measurement Course8/23/21-8/27/21Monday-Friday1100-200040
General Instructor Refresher Course8/9/21-8/13/2Online8
Speed Measurement Instructor8/9/21-8/13/21Monday-Friday800-170040
Defensive Tactics Instructor Update8/2/21-8/9/21Monday-Friday1800-220024
July 2021
Line Supervision7/19/21-8/16/21
(No class 8/2/21)

School Resource Officer7/19/21-7/23/21Monday-Friday0800-170040
Case Preparation and Court Presentation7/12/21-7/16/21Monday-Friday0800-170040
June 2021
Field Training Officer for Correctional Officers6/7/21-6/11/21Monday-Friday1300-220040
Tactical Operations and High-Risk Warrant Service6/1/21-6/4/21Tuesday-Friday0800-190040
May 2021
Breath Test Operator5/25/21-5/26/21Tuesday-Wednesday0800-170016
Tactical Operations and High-Risk Warrant Service5/24/21-5/28/21Monday-Friday0800-170040
Injury and Death Investigations5/24/21-5/28/21Monday-Friday0800-170040
Field Training Officer5/17/21-5/21/21Monday-Friday0800-170040
Organized Crime Canceled5/10/21-5/21/21Monday-Friday1830-223040
Case Preparation and Court Presentation Canceled5/10/21-5/14/21Monday-Friday0800-170040
Line Supervision5/3/21-5/28/21Monday-Friday1830-223080
April 2021
Speed Measurement Course4/26/21-4/30/21Monday-Friday1100-200040
Speed Measurement Course Canceled4/19/21-4/23/21Monday-Friday1100-2000
March 2021
Breath Test Operator Renewal3/29/21Monday0800-12004
Investigation and Supervision of Officer-Involved Deadly Force Incidents3/22/21-3/26/21Monday-Friday1300-220040
Interviews and Interrogations3/8/21-3/19/21Monday-Friday1830-223040
Vehicle Operations Instructor Course3/1/2021-3/5/2021Monday-Wednesday
Thursday & Friday0800-170040