Why Join AFC?

Answers you have been looking for …

As long as people have been on earth, the need to be with others with similar interests and the desire to learn have raced through the veins of humankind. It is for those reasons that associations have existed and flourished and continue to be an important part of the world’s fabric.

So it is with the Association of Florida Colleges (AFC). The opportunity to network with those who have similar interests, job responsibilities, and geography make this association click. But, there is a lot more to AFC.

Imagine an association you can turn to for professional development, friendship and answers to tough questions. Think of being given the opportunity to not only read and talk about the legislative process, but have the chance to actually impact the results. Consider getting involved in a group that offers you unlimited ways to be a leader, learn new skills, and be recognized by your peers for your efforts.

For more membership information  and to enroll online, please visit the AFC membership page.