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What is AFC?

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Mission Statement

The Association of Florida Colleges, Inc. (AFC) is the professional association of Florida’s 28 public member institutions of the Florida College System, their boards, employees, retirees and associates, and the employees of the Division of Florida Colleges. The mission of the Association is to actively promote, represent, and support members and institutions as they provide their students and the citizens of Florida with a world-class college system.


  1. Professional Growth and Development
  2. Advocacy
  3. Leadership
  4. Community
  5. Innovation
  6. Networking

Strategic Goals

  1. Develop and support professional development, education, and leadership opportunities of the Association members.
  2. Advocate for policies, budgets and programs on behalf of the Association’s institutional and individual members.
  3. Communicate public policy and legislative issues, and engage in cooperative research activities related to those issues.
  4. Increase public awareness of the mission, purpose, and accomplishments of the Florida College System.
  5. Showcase and reward exemplary programs, practices, activities, and individuals.
  6. Enhance, encourage, and facilitate communication, cooperation, professionalism, and camaraderie among individual Association members.
  7. Promote membership development and services that ensure an active and vital Association.
  8. Maintain a fiscally sound organization that is efficiently and effectively managed.
  9. Provide opportunities for and engage in services to benefit the external community.


The Association was organized in 1949 as the Florida Association of Public Junior Colleges by the presidents of Florida’s first four public junior colleges. Its mission was to unite the colleges for the purpose of helping the Florida Legislature understand the junior college mission and to advocate for Florida’s public junior colleges in the development of the state’s long-range plan for higher education.

Since 1949, the Association’s mission and purposes have grown in scope as has the Association itself. In 1971, the Association became the Florida Association for Community Colleges and is the most original organization serving any community college system in the nation. AFC is the only community college association which represents all employees, presidents, and trustees associated with a community college system. Today it is known as the Association of Florida Colleges.

Today, all 28 of the colleges of the Florida College System support the work of the Association through institutional dues as do nearly 9,000 individual community/state college employees and retirees through individual memberships and the sharing of their talents, time and energy.


The Association is guided by state bylaws and organized through a network of Chapters, Commissions, Regions. The AFC is governed by an Executive Committee and and a Board of Directors. A full-time staff administers the day-to-day operations, maintains membership records, and coordinates communications and professional development opportunities.