Career Pathways Marketing

A partnership with Polk County Public Schools, Polk Academies, Ridge & Traviss Technical Colleges and Polk State College.

For more information contact:
Christopher Yannes,
Career Pathways Coordinator


  1. 2021-22 Program Tour Zoom Recordings

    Public Safety Virtual Tour Recording: 2021-22

    Manufacturing Day Virtual Tour Recording: 2021-22

    Future Recordings

    Education Programs Zoom Recording: 2021-22
    Health Sciences Programs Zoom Recording: 2021-22
    Business, Multimedia & Technology Programs Zoom Recording: 2021-22
    Agriculture and Life Sciences Zoom Recording: 2021-22

  2. 2020-21 Program Tour Zoom Recordings

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  5. General Flyer

  6. Program Specific Flyers

  7. Individual High School Flyers & Posters

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