Adult Career Pathways / Credit for Certificates

Certifications and Licensures = College Credit

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Adult Career

There are many certifications and licensures that can translate to college credit and can be applied towards your associate’s degree.  Meet your goal of earning a college degree faster!  You may have already earned these credits by obtaining your certification or license and these credits are applied to your degree absolutely free.

The State Board of Education has approved the listed Statewide Career and Technical Education Articulation Agreements which are based on industry certification. This supports the Department’s Next Generation Areas of Focus effort Number 3 – “to expand opportunities for post-secondary degrees and certificates.”  These agreements are intended to be a minimum guarantee of articulated credit and do not preclude institutions from granting additional credit based on local agreements.  CLICK HERE to be directed to the Florida Department of Educations’ website to see a complete list of statewide certification articulations.

Please note, Polk State does not offer all of the degree programs listed in the Florida DOE website. CLICK HERE  to see a master list of certifications that can earn college credit specifically to Polk State Associate in Science degree programs.  Students can also contact the program director to learn more about the value of your certifications for college credit.

Click on any of the samples of Industry Certifications and Licensures below that may have already earned you FREE College Credit.

  1. Accounting

    Certified Professional Bookkeeper, QuickBooks Certified User = up to 6 college credits

  2. Aviation Maintenance Administration

    FAA Airframe & Power plant Certificate = up to 30 college credits

  3. Business: Insurance Concentration

    (GLA 2-20), (RCSR 4-40), (20-44), (ACA 6-20) = up to 7 college credits

  4. Computer Network Engineering Technology

    Current Industry Certifications = up to 24 college credits (A+, CCNA, MCITP, etc.) 

  5. Computer Systems and Business Analysis

    Current Industry Certifications = up to 15 college credits

  6. Criminal Justice

    Florida CJ Law Enforcement = up to 25 college credits
    Correctional Standards Certification = up to 12 college credits

  7. Early Childhood

    Early Childhood Professional Credential (ECPC) = 9 college credits.
    National Child Development Associate (CDA) = 3 college credits

  8. Electrical Distribution Technology

    Lakeland Electric Lineman Apprenticeship Program = 36 college credits 

  9. Emergency Medical Services

    EMT – up to 9 college credits

  10. Engineering Technology

    (MSSC-CPT) = up to 15 college credits
    Autodesk Certified Inventor Associate = 3 college credits

  11. Fire Science

    Fire Officer I & II = up to 36 college credits

  12. Nursing

    LPN, Paramedic, Qualified Military Medic, Respiratory Therapist = up to 10 college credits

  13. Pilot Science

    FAA Pilot Certifications = 4 to 16 college credits

  14. Supply Chain

    Global Logistics Associate (GLA) = up to 12 college credits

  15. Web Design

    Current Industry Certifications = up to 9 college credits