Fall 2023 Classes

Polk State Theatre Classes – FALL 2022

THE 1000 ONLINE – Theatre Appreciation ONLINE
(103478) – Instructor Paul Carbonell / (103853) – Instructor Mark Hartfield
Learn about the history of theatre from the Greeks and Romans to our Contemporary World theatre!  Attend Polk State Theatre Productions, local Community Theatre, or professional productions!
Fulfills AA General Ed Requirement

TPP 2110 (103480) – Acting I Fundamentals – Instructor Mark Hartfield
Ever wonder what it takes to bring a character to life and hold the audience in the palm of your hand?  Then take an ACTING CLASS!  It’s fun, raucous, and physically challenging.

TPP 2710 (104107) – Stage Voice Techniques – Instructor Mark Hartfield
An actor must make themselves heard in whatever space they are asked to perform.  Work to develop an effective stage voice through relaxation, breathing, resonance, placement, and articulation. 

TPA 1290L (103479) – Technical Theatre – Instructor Mark Hartfield
Learn about the backstage world of theatre AND participate in productions!  This semester help build, light, and run our fall shows! 

 TPP 1190L (103836) – Rehearsal & Performance – Instructor Mark Hartfield
Designed for students who participate in our fall productions.  Offered FT2 for either fall production.  Contact Prof. Hartfield about signing up.

More information:  Contact Mark Hartfield at mhartfield@polk.edu.


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