Polk State College Hosts Statewide Medical Transcription Event

Posted on by Polk Newsroom

The Polk State Airside Center recently hosted the 2015 Annual Kick-Off Meeting for the Association for Healthcare  Documentation Integrity (AHDI-FL), a professional association for medical transcriptionists.

More than 25 professionals, as well as students studying in Polk State’s Medical Transcription program, attended the Jan. 31 event. Also in attendance was Janis Smith, president of AHDI in Florida, and Susan Dooley, president of the national association.

The day included networking and hands-on learning experiences led by the directors and coordinators of Polk’s Cardiovascular Technology, Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Radiography programs, as well as Joe Rugg, a Tampa-based healthcare lawyer.

Throughout the daylong event, attendees listened to presentations and then toured the labs of the three programs — all of which are based at Airside — for demonstrations of procedures, techniques and equipment that are commonly encountered when documenting in a patient’s health record.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program Director Merrybeth Etherton and Coordinator Joanne Buchanan took the participants through a presentation of a variety of ultrasound studies and findings. They also demonstrated a live carotid artery ultrasound, explaining the measurements and terms transcriptionists commonly hear and record.

Cardiovascular Technology Program Coordinator Bill Luckett lectured in the classroom, showing anatomical models of the conditions necessitating the use of cardiac catheterization, as well as the stents and filters commonly deployed. The group then moved to the CVT lab, where two CVT students assisted with the presentation. Attendees were able to view and hold various stents, wires, closure devices, and ask questions.

Radiography Program Director Beth Luckett and Coordinator Jaime Selph reviewed of a variety of injuries and conditions that are identified by radiographic imaging. The presentation included anomalies such as a swallowed safety pin, fractured pelvis, gunshot wounds and collapsed lung. The group then moved into the lab for demonstrations of techniques such as PA chest (posterior to anterior chest X-ray), focusing radiation beams, positioning patients and marking films for accurate interpretation by the radiologist.

Rugg discussed healthcare rules and regulations regarding legal agreements between medical transcriptionists, employers and facilities in the healthcare arena.

This event not only provided continuing education credits to the certified professionals who attended, it also provided an opportunity to showcase the Polk State’s imaging, Medical Coding Specialist  and Medical Transcription programs.