Academic Performance/ School Improvement Rating

Polk State Lakeland Gateway to College Collegiate High School does not receive a school grade, instead it receives a School Improvement Rating. Commendable is the highest rating a school can receive in this category and Unsatisfactory is the lowest rating a school can receive in this category.

Note: School Improvement Ratings were not calculated in 2015 or in 2020.
*Pursuant to FDOE Emergency Order No. 2021-EO-02, only schools for which an opt-in request was submitted by the school district superintendent or charter school governing board have a school Improvement rating assigned for 2021.


2022-2023 – TBA

2021-2022 – Comendable Rating

2020-2021 – Optional Rating (Not Reported)

2019-2020 – Not Rated

2018-2019 – Commendable

2017-2018 – Commendable

2016-2017 – Commendable

2015-2016 – Maintaining