Kids at College Registration Page 

2021 Registration Coming Soon!

  • Please begin by visiting the Registration Page.
  • Click the Course ID to the far left for the desired class. (ex. KC0120)
  • Click the green arrow to the far right to select a class.
  • When you have made all of your selections, click the shopping cart in the top right corner of the web page.
  • The Shopping Cart screen lists the courses you have selected. Press the CHECKOUT button again to continue.
  • Does your child have an existing account? If so, log in. If not, create a new customer account and then log in.
  • Before going to the Payment screen, you must complete some profile information.
    • After completing this section, please press the NEXT button.
  • The Payment Checkout screen identifies the cost for each course. Press the MAKE PAYMENT button to continue to a screen where you will enter your credit card information on a secure payment website.
  • Please remember to log out before attempting to register another child for Kids at College.
  • Thank you for registering for Kids at College! Please contact Brenda Bracewell at if you have any questions.