Please note Kids at College Summer 2019 will include both new offerings as well as existing favorites.  The class list for 2019 will be updated when finalized.

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  1. 3D Modeling and Printing

    For those who like drawing and sculpting, this class develops and extends these skills with the use of computers. Participants are shown how 3D virtual models are designed and then turned into physical objects with the power of 3D printing. Students try 3D printing while in class, and also explore ways to use professional 3D printing services to produce fancier models from home. This exciting exploration in engineering is taught by Robert Lamar, Mathematics professor at Warner University. Course Fee: $65.00 

  2. Act-It-Out!

    Theatre breathes life into simple stories and makes them unforgettable. This readers’ theater class enables participants to experiment with acting and the creation of characters through simple costuming, dramatic reading, and activities that build confidence. Exercises help actors find characters’ voices and explore their talents, while being enveloped in the fun and friendship of a theatre troupe. Susan Stewart of Magnolia Montessori directs this production. Course Fee: $55.00 

  3. Advanced Mechanics and Design with LEGO

    This interactive class incorporates tasks that promote the development of skills in technology, science, and mathematics. The course begins with an exploration of the fundamental mechanical principles behind all six simple machines, and then integrates complex mechanisms such as gears, cams, and a working motor into student-created LEGO designs. Lessons include in-depth focus on how real-life mechanisms work through investigation of pneumatic and renewable energy models. Students work together as young scientists, engineers, and designers using measurements and data analyses to describe and explain outcomes. They envision and create LEGO models, then observe the behavior of these models and re-design for a better product. Kate Harris, of Magnolia Montessori Academy, unleashes the inner engineer though this learning laboratory. Course Fee: $65.00 

  4. Archaeology Exploration

    This class enables aspiring archeologists to explore the techniques and tools used to obtain valuable pieces of history. Students have the opportunity to study actual artifacts and their relevance, and practice the skills professionals use to reveal ancient treasure all over the world. John Wineland, Archaeology professor at Southeastern University, leads the expedition. Course Fee $65.00 

  5. Aviation Adventures

    This class allows the aspiring aviator to build a model airplane to take home and treasure. This aeronautical endeavor emphasizes the development of sequencing skills, focus, perseverance, and problem solving while building self-esteem. The instructor is Carlos Rodriguez, Science teacher at Alta Vista Elementary. Course Fee: $85.00 

  6. Balloon Twisting

    Participants explore the whimsy and technique of balloon design through the creation of animals, hats, and other fun things. This class starts with the basics and continues as far as time allows. The instructor is Luis Campaneria, a professional magician and balloon artist with over 25 years of experience. Course Fee: $70.00 

  7. Beginning Code

    Understanding the basics of coding develops critical-thinking skills, gives insight into how computers work, and is so much fun! Anyone can learn to code! Cara Helpling, of Magnolia Montessori Academy, introduces the basics of coding as students perform “unplugged” activities (without the use of a computer) and plenty of computer-based exercises for practice. Course Fee: $65.00 

  8. BFF: Beauty, Fashion and Fitness

    Now that school is out, it’s time to grab a friend and start the party! This class brings out the inner diva and fashionista with an update on the latest fashions, including the “throwback” trends from favorite stars. Friendship and fun are emphasized as students learn about (and sample) better snack choices and practice age-appropriate workout routines such as the famous Hip-Hop Abs Dance Cardio. The excitement continues with a pampering day of facials and manicures. The grand finale is the Ultimate Diva Fashion Show! Instructor Megan Stevens, Math teacher at Discovery High School, puts the fabulous into this fun-filled party. Course Fee: $65.00 

  9. Book Cook

    Fantasy and food–the perfect combination! This class immerses participants in the worlds of their favorite characters through reading stories, and then creating and tasting some of the fanciful culinary creations presented. This class encourages a love of reading and opens the imagination and the palate for a memorable experience. Erin Huggins, of Dundee Ridge Middle Academy, tells these tasty tales. Course Fee: $60.00 

  10. Card Crafting

    Giving a card is always nice, but better yet are handcrafted masterpieces that are saved by parents and grandparents for years to come! This creatively crafty class provides skills and techniques to design beautiful, unique greeting cards that make a statement beyond words—they are art! Participants explore how to use creativity, cuttings, and color to design beautiful items to bring home for family members and friends. Instructor Sara Wygant-McAuliffe, a teacher at Inwood Elementary, helps students turn their words into treasured memories! Course Fee: $65.00 

  11. Clay Creations on the Wheel

    This class for the aspiring artist emphasizes the basics of proper wheel-throwing technique including centering the clay, creating a functional bowl, and other elements that allow for the production of varied clay projects. Participants find the freedom and fun in this elegant art form. Theresa Meyer, Art teacher from Caldwell Elementary, leads this messy but magical learning opportunity. Course Fee: $65.00 

  12. Dino-mite Dinosaurs

    During this adventure, Dino-enthusiasts travel to the Triassic to study species and dig up details about their lives. Participants try a bit of paleontology with some funky fossils, and then build a habitat for a favorite dino-friend. Kids get crafty in the Cretaceous while designing dinosaur eggs and making other projects. Carrie Spruell, of Brigham Academy, guides this exploration. Course Fee: $55.00 

  13. Fun with Force and Motion

    This class encourages the inner engineer through experiments on energy and motion! Participants design and create hands-on models such as rubber-band cars, suspension bridges, balloon rockets, and even a small hovercraft, then run tests to study the science of the outcomes. This class allows participants to test Newton’s laws using interactive activities that are both fun and memorable. Jeremy Bohnenstiehl, a Science teacher at South McKeel Academy, leads this innovative investigation. Course Fee: $55.00 

  14. French 101

    Bonjour! This class is for those who want to explore the culture, history, cuisine, and language of France. Participants learn how to count, say the alphabet, sing “Happy Birthday,” and apply basic conversational skills. Along with an exploration of the language, students also study the history of France and then use maps to find famous historic buildings and streets. Culture, cuisine, and creativity combine as students read recipes and then prepare, cook, and taste French food. This fabulous foray into French culture is led by Megan Stevens, Math teacher at Discovery High School. Course Fee: $55.00 

  15. Frontier Pioneers

    Join this wagon train to the Old West and discover the skills needed to survive on the wild frontier. Settlers twist rope, create candles, craft quilt squares, and make butter for bread. Participants gather together to sing songs, participate in a “pony” race, and enjoy games from the American past. The journey’s wagon master is Heide Tanner, a Theatre Winter Haven instructor. Course Fee: $65.00 

  16. Fun Folk Art

    Fun Folk Art introduces a variety of traditional, handcrafted techniques used to make all sorts of marvelous items. Participants incorporate weaving, beading, sewing, felting, and design into the creation of unique sculptures, toys, and other projects. This “sampler” approach allows students to explore new skills and discover hidden interests and talents–it provides a throwback to the legacy of blending beauty with functionality. Instructor Heidi Wineland is a successful folk artist with over 30 years of experience. Course Fee: $65.00 

  17. Gadgets with Goldberg

    As a famous engineer, cartoonist, sculptor, and reporter, Rube Goldberg’s impact on American culture is as multidimensional as his famous machines. This course is for the kid who can’t get enough of challenging chain reactions, domino drops, and OK GO videos. To follow in the steps of Rube Goldberg, participants must be curious and enjoy trial-and-error experimentation with lots of hands-on activities. This class includes drawing simple-machine cartoons and experimenting with building basic contraptions, as well as actually designing and creating a Rube-Goldberg-worthy device. Jeremy Bohnenstiehl, a Science teacher at South McKeel Academy, leads this course. Course fee: $55.00 

  18. Games Unplugged

    In this class, participants experience the excitement of classic board games like Monopoly, Risk, Life, Stratego, and others. These are just a few of the great games featured in these interactive encounters. Each day new games are explored, including what they can teach about life, counting, planning, saving money, strategy, and other skills that are helpful in school and in life. This class is for the novice and board-game enthusiast alike! Chris Euverard, “Coach E,” a Social Studies teacher at Lake Region High School, makes a game out of learning! Course Fee: $55.00 

  19. Intermediate Programming with Scratch and Python

    Computers are great to use, but they are far more fun to control! In this course, students explore how to write programs that control a computer’s functions. Students are introduced to computer code and learn how to use it to “boss a computer around.” At the end of the course, students can compete for the title of “Best Programmer.” Instructor Robert Lamar, Ph.D., from Warner University, enjoys merging math with computer programming. Course Fee: $60.00

  20. Harry Potter

    On this journey to Hogwarts, enthusiasts immerse themselves in the magical world of Harry Potter. Using excerpts from the books to inspire the imagination, muggles magically transform into aspiring witches and wizards, and apparate into exciting new adventures. Along the way, fans wield wands, conjure potions, play quidditch, vanquish Voldemort, and discover details of their favorite characters from this sensational series. The fantastical trip begins at Platform 9 ¾ with Susan Stewart of Magnolia Montessori Academy. Course Fee: $55.00 

  21. Intermediate Programming with Scratch and Python

    Computers are great to use, but they are far more fun to control! In this course, students explore how to write programs and use software to control a computer’s actions. Students are introduced to computer code and learn to write their own programs for all types of functions. Interactive activities abound as students cooperate and challenge new concepts. At the end of the course, students can compete for the title of “Best Programmer.” Robert Lamar, a professor at Warner University, enjoys merging math with computer programming. Course Fee: $65.00

  22. Jedi Academy: Beginner

    For over a thousand years, the Jedi were guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy. Their order was all but destroyed and forgotten…until now. This course builds a New Hope though skill development of young padawans seeking to become true Jedi Knights. Special Jedi conditioning forms, unarmed defensive skills, and light saber usage are covered during this interactive training academy. Jedi Master Richard Ganey, owner of the Academy of Jedi Arts, has over 30 years of experience in Japanese sword and Karate techniques. Course Fee: $65.00 

  23. Jedi Academy: Advanced

    The Return of Jedi: This class is for those wishing to continue their Jedi Academy training by building on skills from former training sessions. This course covers advanced Jedi conditioning forms and unarmed defensive skills, enabling more complex techniques with the lightsaber. Aspiring Jedi use The Force to calm their mind and clear their thoughts for better listening skills and critical-thinking ability–tools that are necessary not just for the Jedi, but for all beings. Upon completion, trainees receive a lightsaber to continue practice. Jedi Master Richard Ganey, owner of the Academy of Jedi Arts, has over 30 years of experience in Japanese sword and Karate techniques. Course Fee: $65.00 

  24. Jedi Academy: Dueling

    The lightsaber is the weapon of the Jedi– its proper use requires a deeper connection to The Force, but also many hours of training. When Jedi connect with their lightsaber, they can feel The Force flowing through their bodies, giving them the focus and strength to protect others from the Dark Side. This higher-level training course follows the ancient teachings of the Jedi Temple, training padawans in actual lightsaber dueling techniques and enabling them to hone their skills. To conquer the Sith, Jedi must learn to apply strategy and concentration, using the power of their minds as well as their movements. Prepare for when the Empire Strikes Back with Jedi Master Richard Ganey, the owner of the Academy of Jedi Arts, who has over 30 years of experience in Japanese sword and Karate techniques. Course Fee: $75.00 

  25. LEGO: Mindstorm Robotics

    LEGO Mindstorms kits engage students in exciting hands-on learning experiences, allowing those with a basic knowledge of LEGO to incorporate engineering and design into their creations. Fun, interactive, and cooperative activities allow participants to build solid structures and gain proficiency with the use of motors, sensors, and programming. Exciting robotic-design challenges unleash creativity and a collaborative spirit. Kate Harris, of Magnolia Montessori Academy, leads this learning laboratory. Course Fee: $65.00 

  26. LEGO: WeDo Exploration

    This course is designed for younger students who are interested in building and programming with LEGO. Using creative-thinking skills, participants design and build a working model, and then use the LEGO WeDo curriculum to program specific behaviors for effect. Cara Helpling, of Magnolia Montessori Academy, leads this adventure. Course Fee: $65.00 

  27. Makerspace Mayhem

    This class is perfect for future inventors who love problem solving, particularly those who like to design their own toys (like catapults for action figures or personal flotation devices). This class provides an in-depth exploration of engineering concepts and design elements, and allows for hands-on projects to create cool gadgets. Critical thinking and cooperative learning abound through interactive activities and challenges. Heidi Reed, teacher at Magnolia Montessori Academy, leads the inquiry-based inventors’ lab! Course Fee: $55.00 

  28. Magic: Close Up

    This course for the magic enthusiast teaches the fundamentals of magic using props such as cards, coins, and more, and then explores the techniques used to create one’s own magic tricks. Students learn many other skills too secretive to announce. This class emphasizes practicing techniques that build confidence and performance skills. The instructor is Luis Campaneria, a professional magician and balloon artist with over 25 years of experience. Course Fee: $60.00 

  29. Math Goodies and Games

    Food, games, and fun—this class is for everyone! Through the use of snacks and games, various math concepts are introduced and reinforced. Students learn to look at math in a whole new way through this yummy, fun-filled adventure! The instructor is Heidi Reed of Magnolia Montessori Academy. Course Fee: $55.00 

  30. Odyssey of the Mind

    What if…? With this simple query, participants use imagination, creativity, and problem solving to revise history, finish fables and rewrite favorite fairy tales. What if the Revolutionary War had never taken place? Would America still be part of Great Britain? Students consider the mysteries of history, as well as all new scenarios during this customized class for the curious. Investigators research, discuss, write, imagine, and use critical-thinking skills, and in the process develop analytical skills that are essential to life. The scenarios and their outcomes are limited only by the imagination. To stretch their minds, sleuths solve riddles, manipulate math puzzles, crack codes, and take on brain teasers. Kandyce Cruz, History teacher at McKeel Academy of Technology, leads this exploration of fact, fantasy–and sometimes, the fantastical. Course Fee: $55.00 

  31. Pinch Pots Aplenty

    In this engaging, hands-on experience, students use clay to build several pinch pots and turn them into fanciful creations including a monster, an owl, a mouth, and other projects. Students explore how this simple hand-building technique can transform clay into a variety of different objects and creatures! Theresa Meyer, Art teacher at Caldwell Elementary, leads this exciting exploration. Course Fee: $65.00 

  32. Renaissance Festival

    This adventure transports students to 16th Century Europe, where they become the thinkers, dreamers, performers, and inventors of the period, making pottery, weaving, and exploring other ancient crafts. Lords and ladies participate in a Royal Joust Tournament, entertain each other with the skills of a court jester, and design a golden goblet fit for a king! The time-travel tour guide is Heide Tanner, a Theatre Winter Haven instructor. Course Fee: $65.00 

  33. Rocketry 1: Beginner

    First-time rocketeers can explore the outer reaches by learning the basic techniques of model rocketry. With the one-stage rocket kit provided, the student creates the model, designs the exterior, and then flies the rocket hundreds of feet into the sky. The instructor is Carlos Rodriguez, Science teacher at Alta Vista Elementary. Course Fee: $65.00

  34. Rocketry 3: Advanced

    This course is for those who have already taken Rocketry 1 and are now looking for a more spectacular launch experience. This class provides advanced techniques for model rocketry using a multi-stage, skill-level 2 rocket. After the rocket is complete and the final paint job is dry, participants prepare for launch day. The instructor is Carlos Rodriguez, Science teacher at Alta Vista Elementary. Course Fee: $75.00 

  35. Science Magic

    This class provides a hands-on approach to science with dazzling experiments and dozens of chemical tricks, such as painting with milk. The laboratory comes alive with exciting explosions, silly putty, and edible magic. Future scientists experiment and create while learning the science behind the sorcery! Guiding the adventure is Michelle Frabotta, Language Arts teacher at Discovery Academy Middle School. Course Fee: $55.00 

  36. Scrapbooking

    Scrapbooking is a popular and innovative way to turn memories into art. With just 20-30 pictures, participants can apply organizational and presentation skills that preserve items in creatively colorful way. This class covers the tools and techniques used to transform a simple photo into a memory page that can be framed, added to a book, or given as a gift to treasure. Items made are taken home for display, and the skills learned can be used to preserve tons of future family fun! Sara Wygant-McAuliffe, teacher at Inwood Elementary, leads this class. Course Fee: $65.00 

  37. Spanish

    This class combines culture, history, and crafts to explore the Spanish language and the people who speak it. Students use their imagination to immerse themselves through virtual field trips to different countries, exploring their traditions, holidays, and music. Basic conversational Spanish is included, allowing for deeper connection. Carrie Spruell of Brigham Academy provides the passports for this exciting trip. Course Fee: $55.00 

  38. Stop-Motion Video

    This class demystifies the production of stop-action videos by placing students in control of the process. With cameras, creativity, and software for editing, participants create, edit, and share videos with friends and family. Using an animation technique that physically manipulates an object so that it appears to move on its own, students can create a story or add quirky visual effects to the videos they create. The instructor is Dennis Dill of Jewett School of the Arts. Course Fee: $65.00 

  39. Story-Time Yoga

    This class transforms story time into an interactive activity. Listeners become part of the pages by acting-out and interpreting the action through fun yoga moves. Lively readings make stories come alive by encouraging full engagement, personal expression, and pure enjoyment of the characters and their adventures. This course, led by Kandyce Cruz of McKeel Academy, is modeled on the popular Cosmic Kids videos. Course Fee: $55.00 

  40. Science Workshop

    This mad scientist’s laboratory is for hands-on explorers who don’t mind getting a bit messy while learning. Explorers engage in discovery and experimentation through amazing, interactive science activities. Participants engineer and race balloon cars, create scientific slime, and even determine the secret formula for elephant toothpaste! Scientist Erin Huggins, of Dundee Ridge Middle Academy, leads this journey into the unknown! Course Fee: $60.00 

  41. Ventriloquism Basics

    This class teaches basic ventriloquism skills including scripting, puppetry, and talking without moving the lips. To master the fundamentals, students make a simple hand puppet to take home for practice. Participants practice creating and telling jokes with their new “buddies” so they can entertain family and friends. Luis Campaneria, a professional magician and balloon artist, leads this exciting opportunity. Course Fee: $55.00 

  42. Video Game Creation

    This class is suited for the video game enthusiast who wants to see “behind the scenes” regarding how games are created. This class shows the concepts of video game creation and enables students to build their own games to play online and share with friends, all while using the content available at The instructor is Dennis Dill of Jewett School of the Arts. Course Fee: $65.00 

  43. Vikings

    Skol! Vibrant and victorious, the Vikings have captured the imagination of generations. This journey follows the notorious Nordic explorers across oceans and islands, discovering their history, culture, and traditions. Participants investigate the Viking’s innovative sailing, farming, and fighting techniques while creating crafts such as a cloak and pin, helmet, and of course, a sword and shield. Viking mythology, designs, and runes are studied to create personalized clan symbols. John Wineland, of Southeastern University, leads this adventure. Course Fee: $65.00 

  44. Word Up!

    Word Up! encourages students to use a bit of sass and silliness while challenging their minds through word play, humor, rhyming, and a twist of poetry. Participants play a variety of word games—with some collaboration, friendly competition, and prizes thrown into the mix. This class builds critical-thinking skills amid laughter and creativity. Turn up the beat with Michelle Frabotta, Language Arts teacher at Discovery Academy Middle School. Course Fee: $55.00