Recommended Computer Systems

Do you have the technologies needed for this course?

Technology Needed:

  • Canvas user account
  • Microsoft Word 365
  • Desktop or Laptop computers are strongly encouraged.
  • Tablet use is manageable.
  • MAC is not recommended.
  • Access to Internet Cengage SAMS account Internet/Wi-Fi
  • Cengage web-based learning platforms require broadband internet access and supported web browsers and plugins.
  • Internet access to complete your assignments if not on campus.

NOTE: All Students have access to Microsoft Office 365 via the interface via the link from the homepage.

Recommended Computer Systems:

The Computer Systems & Business Analysis program cannot make specific vendor recommendations about computer systems for personal use. However, it is recommended to use a computer or laptop that includes the Workstation Recommendations.

iPads, MacBooks, and Chrome books are NOT recommended for courses (CGS1061/CGS1100) that use Microsoft Office software to complete assignments.

Workstation Recommendations:

Download bandwidth: 5+ Mbps
RAM: 2+ GB
CPU: 1.8+ GHz / multi-core
Display: 1366 × 768, color
Graphics: DirectX, 64+ MB Sound (for some content)

Polk State College TECHNOLOGY LAB

Polk State College’s Computer Systems and Business Analysis AS Program has a new Technology Lab located in LTB1305 on the Lakeland Campus. This is a dedicated space for all computer-related courses. The Technology Lab has the latest software for students to use without network barriers. This means if you need a clear port to run FileZilla or XAMPP while on campus, you can now do so. This is also a great place to come and work to get your Word, PowerPoint, Access, or Excel assignments done. You can also work with other students.

Please contact your instructor for lab hours.

Currently, the Technology Lab is only on the Lakeland campus. Seats up to 51 students, with 27 desktop computers, 12 secure LAN connections for laptops, and 12 Wi-Fi-only connections for laptops.

The Technology Lab uses up-to-date software for student use that is free. Some of the software used includes but is not limited to:

  • Tableau
  • FileZilla
  • Php JetBrains
  • Office 365 including Access
  • Eclipse
  • Azure
  • Visual Studio 2022
  • SAP Analytics Cloud/ 30-day trial with SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Solver for Excel
  • Oracle SQL