Program Application Process

The CVT Program is a limited admission program accepting one cohort annually.  Prospective students, who meet program requirements, must have the completed application and have the application verified by an academic advisor.  The advisor will attach the required degree audit, copies of Healthcare Provider CPR certification, copies of all relevant healthcare certifications or licenses and endorse the application with an official college date stamp.

Prospective students must assure the completed program application is in the program director’s office at the Airside Center-West Campus by the June 30 Application Deadline.  If the application deadline date falls on a weekend, the application is due on the Friday prior to June 30.  Any application not in the program director’s office by the stated deadline will not be processed; this includes applications submitted to academic advisors on other campuses.  All forms must be in the program director’s office by June 30 and not in transit via the College’s interdepartmental mail.  The program will not be responsible for applications not received in the program director’s office by the stated deadline.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted or reviewed by the selection committee.

CVT Program Application

A selection committee reviews all applications and ranks students per the CVT Program Point Ranking System.  The simple point ranking system assigns points for Overall College GPAPre-requisite Courses CompletedGeneral Education Courses CompletedRelevant Health Care Experience, and Previous Education Completed.  All applicants are ranked based off total points accumulated, with the top fourteen selected into the subsequent cohort; remaining applicants will be ranked as alternates according to total number of points accumulated.  Those not admitted in the program must re-apply during the limited admission enrollment the following year.  The program does not add students to a waiting list.

Letters of acceptance will be mailed to students prior to the Independence Day holiday.  The acceptance letter will consist of two pages:

  1. “Official Acceptance Letter” welcoming the student to the CVT Program including the date of the mandatory orientation day in the CVT classroom on the Airside Center-West Campus.
  2. 2.  “Verification of Acceptance Letter” which the student must complete, sign, and return to the program director no later than July 15. Students confirming acceptance into the program, are strongly encouraged to return the Verification of Acceptance Letter in person to either the program director or academic advisor on the Airside Center-West Campus. Students may choose to mail the Verification of Acceptance Letter to the program director’s office; however, the program is not responsible for letters which may be lost, delayed, or arrive past the July 15 deadline.

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