Program Admission Criteria

Associate in Science Degree

The CVT Program is a limited access program which admits only one class per year.  The application deadline is April 30 annually.  Applications are required to be in the program director’s office at Airside Center-West by the deadline.  If the application deadline date falls on a weekend, the application is due on the Friday prior to April 30.  Any application not in the program director’s office by the stated deadline will not be processed; this includes applications submitted to advisors on other Polk State College Campuses.  All forms must be in the program director’s office by April 30 and not in transit via the College’s interdepartmental mail.  No applications will be accepted past the stated deadline for any reason.

Students enrolled in spring term courses may still apply to the program.  Once the spring term courses have been completed, all appropriate points earned will be assigned to the application acceptance point system.  Students seeking admission into the CVT Program may obtain a program application from the link at the bottom of this page, an academic advisor, or from the program director.  Prospective students are encouraged to contact the program director to clarify questions about the program or the application process.

The following program prerequisite courses must be completed with a “C” or better:

ENC 1101 College Composition I
MAC 1105 College Algebra   or   MGF 1106: Topics in Math
BSC 2085C Anatomy and Physiology I
BSC 2086C Anatomy and Physiology II
HSC 1531 Medical Terminology

In addition to the prerequisites, the following are the minimum requirements for admission to the Cardiovascular Technology Program:

  • Acceptance to Polk State College with all required admission documents and fees received by the Registrar
  • Completion of any required college preparatory courses
  • Current American Red Cross Health Care Provider CPR certification
  • Overall GPA of 2.5 or higher

After acceptance into the CVT Program, the following co-requisites must be completed by each student, under the direction of the program director, prior to beginning program core courses in the fall term:

  • Complete medical physical
  • Immunization records verifying the required MMR, Varicella, PPD, Tdap, Influenza*, and Hepatitis B* vaccinations have been administered (*Influenza vaccination received during flu season; Hepatitis B (3 shot series) must be in progress prior to beginning courses or already completed )
  • Current titer levels for required immunizations AND surface antigen for Hepatitis B* (*once the shot series is completed)
  • 10 Panel Drug Screening
  • Affidavit of Moral Character attesting to non-committance of specific criminal acts
  • National Background Check and Sexual Predator Background Check


The cost of the two-year program is approximately $10,800 (in-state tuition). This cost includes course fees, books, uniforms, national registry fees, physical, immunization records, and national background checks. This figure does not include any college prep courses, additional classes in which the student may enroll, or travel to and from clinical rotations.

CVT Program Application