If youʼre struggling with anxiety, you probably feel like there isnʼt anything you can do to get better. The good news is…there IS something you can do to feel much better. When you get anxious your body makes two chemicals, adrenaline and cortisol. Adrenaline wreaks havoc on every part of your central nervous system. It can cause headaches, diarrhea, confusion, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, tearfulness, trouble sleeping, changes in eating patterns and many other problems. Cortisol is an even nastier villain. Over long periods it can lead to migraines, ulcers, strokes, heart disease and cancer.

The good news is…YOU CAN TOTALLY CONTROL IT! Adrenaline isnʼt really supposed to be a bad guy in your body. Itʼs designed to help you fight or flee when something is threatening you. But lets face it, when youʼre having a bad day at work you really canʼt run away (if you want to keep your job) and you certainly canʼt hit the boss. However, the adrenaline still wants to be used, and thatʼs what you can control.

There is only ONE WAY to burn off all that adrenaline. YES! I SAID ONLY ONE WAY! Medication wonʼt do it. It only temporarily puts the adrenaline in a metaphorical box. As soon as the medicine goes away the anxiety comes right back.


The one and only way to get rid of adrenaline is to burn it off with cardiovascular exercise. Itʼs just like a car burning gasoline. When you do cardio your body actually burns the adrenaline up and gets rid of it! A person suffering from anxiety needs to do at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise each day. After about a week, youʼll notice you feel a little better. After two weeks of consistent exercise youʼll feel much better. Even if you feel skeptical – TRY IT! It really works. Itʼs simply the science of how your body works.