Sittin’ Pretty

Healthy living made simple by learning to balance the five most basic parts of your lifestyle.

Itʼs like sitting on a five-legged stool. If one leg is out of balance, there will be a slight wobble but you can still sit on it. If two legs are out of balance, the wobble will be more noticeable and make sitting on the stool a lot less comfortable. If three legs are unbalanced, the wobble will be so severe it will feel like youʼre going to fall. If four legs are out of balance, the stool simply canʼt hold you up anymore and you come crashing down.

Thatʼs how our lives work too. When one of the five areas is unbalanced, we struggle but the other four will keep us aloft. However, the more areas we have out of balance the harder and harder it becomes to keep ourselves moving and functioning.

How pretty are you sittinʼ right now? Think about each of the five areas. Rate how healthy you are in each one, on a scale from one to 10. One is the unhealthiest and 10 is the healthiest.

Any area that you rate yourself less than eight needs work and would be considered unbalanced. To get you moving in the right direction set a small achievable goal for yourself in each of the areas for this week. Choose goals that are simple, easy and quickly achieved. For example, if you scored poorly in social health call a friend and catch up or eat lunch with a coworker. If you scored poorly in spiritual health, listen to spiritual music, read a daily motivational calendar or simply ask other people about their own beliefs.

Call the Health Center today, if you would like more information about getting a healthy balance in your life.