Petition Guidelines

Guidelines for Student Petitions

  1. Petition forms are located in the advising office on each campus. Students should meet with an advisor to complete the form. All required information must be completed on the petition form. A petition will not be processed if it is missing the course number(s), reference number(s), term, and student ID#. If you do not know where to locate this information, an advisor will assist you.
  2. Students who receive financial aid and/or scholarshipswill need to have the petition signed by a financial aid representative before it is submitted to an Academic Advisor. Petitions will not be accepted without this signature.
  3. Petitions are reviewed by the Petitions Committee based on when they are submitted to an Academic Advisor. Please submit your petition with the appropriate documentation by the posted deadline. Deadlines are generally set three weeks prior to the Petitions Committee meeting. Petitions received after the deadline will be reviewed at the next scheduled meeting. A list of submission deadlines  can be obtained by contacting the Office of the Student Services Dean on your campus.
  4. Students will be notified of the committee’s decision by mail. Please allow two to three weeks after the committee meeting to receive this letter.
  5. Listed below are examples of extenuating circumstances and required documentation that apply to student petitions:

Illness or injury to the student or student’s parent, sibling, spouse/partner, or child

  • Letter on official hospital letterhead signed by the attending physician stating the illness/injury and the services provided to the student, as well as related dates. The illness/injury must have occurred during the term for which the petition is sought.
  • If the student suffered an accident, an official report of the occurrence, such as a police report, should be submitted as well.

 Involuntary work schedule change or transfer

  • Letter on official company letterhead signed by the employer/supervisor indicating the student’s original work schedule, effective date of schedule change, and new work schedule.
  • If the student was hired, terminated, or transferred during the term for which the petition is sought, then the letter must state effective date of employment, termination, or transfer.With sufficient documentation, the committee may consider an approval for refund if the student withdraws within the first ten days of class. Otherwise, the committee may grant a “W” with no refund.

Death of the student’s parent, sibling, spouse/partner, or child

  • Copy of obituary/death certificate naming the deceased and proof of the student’s relationship.

Military Orders

  • Copy of orders specifying a report to duty date.
  1. Other types of petitions include repeating a course after third attempt (out-of-state fees apply) and academic amnesty (see college catalog for policy).