Career Readiness Program


The Polk State Career Readiness Program helps students connect the value of higher education to the development of marketable professional skills.

About the Program

The Career Readiness Program teaches students about professional skills that are valued by employers. The program is based on career readiness competencies outlined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) which were developed through collaboration with college career services teams and human resources and staffing professionals.

The program helps students learn about navigating career opportunities, networking, teamwork, communication, effective work habits, etc. – important competencies that employers are looking for in job-ready graduates.

Students can access the Career Readiness Program in Canvas, where they can learn new skills, complete modules, and earn badges to share evidence of their commitment to career readiness.

Students will develop themselves and their careers through greater awareness of their strengths and challenges, career opportunities, and networking to build long-term relationships.
Students will clearly and effectively exchange information, ideas, facts, and perspectives with persons inside and/or outside of the College community.
Students will gather and analyze information from a diverse set of sources and solve problems using sound, inclusive reasoning, and judgement.
Students will develop the awareness, knowledge, and skills required to equitably engage and include people from different cultures.
Students will demonstrate personal and collaborative skills to achieve shared team goals.
Students will demonstrate dependability, effective work habits and interpersonal skills, while acting in the interest of the College community.
Students will build and maintain collaborative relationships to work effectively toward common goals, while appreciating diverse viewpoints and shared responsibilities.
Students will ethically utilize technology skills to enhance efficiencies, complete tasks, and accomplish goals.