Program Curriculum and Course Descriptions

The PTA program offers a six-semester curriculum sequence to complete all necessary coursework and clinical internships.

Course sequence for students starting coursework in Summer 2024 only:

First Year

Semester 1 (Summer Term 3 & 4) Prerequisites
These courses must be completed before beginning professional core (PHT) courses.

        • ENC 1101 College Composition I
        • BSC 2085C Human Anatomy and Physiology I
        • BSC 2086C Human Anatomy and Physiology II
        • One of the following: POS 2041 American National Government,  AMH 1020 History of the United States: 1877 to the Present, or AMH 1010 History of the United States: 1607-1877
        • One of the following: MGF 1130 Mathematical Thinking, STA 2023 Introduction to Probability and Statistics, or MAC 1105 College Algebra

Semester 2 (Fall)

        • PHT 1250C Introduction to Basic Patient Care
        • PHT 1128C Functional Anatomy & Kinesiology I
        • PHT 2220C Therapeutic Exercise in PT I

Semester 3 (Spring)

        • PHT 1301 Pathophysiology in Physical Therapy
        • PHT 1129C Functional Anatomy & Kinesiology II
        • PHT 1213C PT Principles & Procedures
        • PHT 2252C Orthopedic Disabilities & Rehabilitation 

Second Year

Semester 1 (Summer Term– Accelerated Term)

        • *PHI 2010 Introduction to Philosophy
        • PHT 2221C Therapeutic Exercise in PT II
        • PHT 1801L PT Clinical Education I

Semester 2 (Fall)

        • PHT 2930 Clinical Correlations in PT
        • PHT 2253C Neurological Disabilities and Treatment
        • PHT 2931 Trends in Physical Therapy

Semester 3 (Spring)

        • PHT 2810L PT Clinical Education II
        • PHT 2820L PT Clinical Education III

*Courses may be completed before entering the PTA program.