Want to Spice Up Your Fall? Sign Up for an Elective at Polk State

Posted on by Polk Newsroom

Registration for the fall semester is still underway at Polk State College, which means you still have time to sign up for classes that will teach you a new skill or hobby — or just let you have tons of fun.

In addition to core courses for its Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees, the College offers a dynamic lineup of electives that students may opt to take to fill requirements — or just because they’re curious about the subject matter.

“Electives are great for personal growth and to expand your knowledge,” said Polk State Vice President for Academic and Student Services Kenneth Ross. “Maybe you take a Ceramics class to learn a new hobby, or a Music Appreciation class to learn more about the influences on the music you like. There is a class for anything you’re interested in.”

Here’s a peek at some of the electives on the schedule for the fall:

  • Polk State’s JD Alexander Center in Lake Wales is offering Horror in Literature — those preparing for the zombie apocalypse may be particularly interested — and Intro to Cultural Geography, which this term looks at Latin America, from its food to its people.
  • The Polk State Lake Wales Arts Center is offering Design 1 and Design 2, as well as Digital Photography, for those looking to get creative this fall.
  • At Polk State Lakeland, students can learn more about the history and impact on the Holocaust during Holocaust: Horror and Heroes.
  • Polk State Music expands its offerings with Gospel Choir, taught by Jessie Owens, a longtime music teacher and choral director in Polk County. Those who sign up will sing contemporary and traditional gospel music, and will learn a bit of the theory and history behind the selections, too. No singing experience is necessary — just come and give it a try. Also new in Music is Beginning Voice, offered at Polk State Winter Haven and the Polk State Lake Wales Arts Center. The new offerings are in addition to longstanding favorite courses in band, strings and choir.
  • Polk State Theater is offering new one-credit courses in Theatre Workshop, for those curious about performing, and Technical Theatre, for those interested in working on sets, lights, sound and other elements of stage productions. Theatre Workshop is being offered at Polk State Lakeland and the Polk State Lake Wales Arts Center; Technical Theatre is being offered at Polk State Winter Haven.
  • A daytime section of Polk State’s ever-popular Interpersonal Relationships, taught by Professor Howard Kerner, has been added at Polk State Winter Haven. The course has long been a favorite of Polk State students seeking to learn better communication skills that will benefit any kind of relationship — from professional to romantic.
  • Polk State Honors Program students may select from a trio of one-credit, five-week seminar courses, including: Cuba Since 1959; Moses, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed; and The U.S Constitution.

These are just a few of electives Polk State offers. For a complete listing, check out the course catalog.

The fall semester at Polk State begins Aug. 19.