Polk State Music is increasingly the first choice among students seeking higher education and careers in music.

Led by faculty members with decades of experience in music and music education, the program emphasizes versatility, preparing students to build careers based on their passion.

Students sharpen their performance skills in a wide variety of ensembles, from the jazz band to the women’s chorus, and are regularly featured in events throughout Polk County — and beyond.

As students grow as performers, they are also exposed to the vast array of career paths within the field of music, from teaching to composing to a world of other possibilities. Faculty members work with students as they explore their various interests in music, helping them gain valuable experiences that complement their future career aspirations.

Polk State Music’s blend of knowledgeable faculty, exciting performance opportunities, and real-world curriculum has led to a spike in recent years in both enrollment and the number of students who receive university scholarships.

The Polk State College Music Department is dedicated to providing the very best in music education for the music professionals of the future.