1. When is Fallfest?

    Fallfest is held on the third Saturday of October from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

  2. What is Fallfest?

    Fallfest is a one-day family event that includes hundreds of craft booths, music, food, children’s activities, and more.

    Fallfest is a fundraiser with proceeds from the craft booth fees going to the Polk State College Foundation. The Foundation financially supports Polk State College’s students and educational mission in many ways, including establishing scholarships and purchasing equipment.

    Many student organizations also participate and raise funds from the sale of food or other items.

  3. What can I sell at my Fallfest craft booth?

    Fallfest is open to anyone wishing to sell handmade or homemade crafts. We do not accept flea market-type merchandise. Food cannot be sold at your craft booth because Polk State College student organizations have the food concessions at Fallfest.  However, we do make available the Polk State College General Store, which is a special selection of homemade specialty foods.

    Our Fallfest Committee will review your craft application to see if you conform to our rules.

  4. How can I get a craft booth at Fallfest?

    Send an e-mail request to fallfest@polk.edu.

  5. What is there for children to do?

    One area of the campus is transformed into a Kids’ Zone complete with:

    • Pumpkin Patch
    • Hands-on activities
    • Face painting
    • Haunted House
  6. What kind of entertainment will I find at Fallfest?

    Polk State College’s talented musical groups will perform during the day on an outdoor stage. Many Fallfest visitors enjoy sitting under the oaks and listening to the free performances.

  7. How many people go to Fallfest?

    Over 10,000 of your neighbors typically attend this one-day family event.

  8. How much does Fallfest cost?

    Fallfest admission and parking are free.

  9. What else can you tell me about Fallfest?

    We can go on and on. If you need further details about this free, rain-or-shine event, click around the Fallfest website, or send an e-mail to fallfest@polk.edu.

  10. Where is Fallfest?

    Fallfest is held on the Winter Haven campus of Polk State College.

  11. How much is a Fallfest craft space?

    A craft space is $65. Polk State College does not provide tables and chairs.