Program Requirements

Prerequisites Courses (must be completed prior to application submission deadline)

ENC 1101: College Composition I – 3
MAC 1105: College Algebra – 3
BSC 2085C: Human Anatomy & Physiology I – 4
BSC 2086C: Human Anatomy & Physiology II – 4
HSC 1531 Medical Terminology – 3
PHY2020C Fundamentals of Physics – 3

It is highly recommended that the required additional general education courses listed below be completed prior to submitting a Diagnostic Medical Sonography application. These courses can be completed at any time during the 2-year program, however, HSC2554 Basic Principles of Diseases* must be completed during the first semester of the program if not already completed.

PHI 2010 Introduction to Philosophy

HLP1081 Wellness Concepts

POS 2041 American National Government

HSC2554 Basic Principals of Disease*

DMS Program Core Course Sequence by Semester:

Click HERE to view the DMS curriculum.

Please note each term consists of a combination of classes held at the Airside Center, Lakeland and required clinic assignments at various clinical facilities. The clinical courses require specific hours to be spent at an assigned clinical facility, each credit hour designates an 8-hour day/week. For example SON 1804L, 2 credits = 16 hours/week for the entire term.

First Year

Term II January – May
SON 1000: Introduction to Sonography – 2
SON 1100C: Procedures and Protocols – 4

Term III May-August
SON 1111C: Abdominal Sonography I – 4
SON 1211: Medical Sonographic Physics I – 3
SON 1113: Sonographic Cross-Sectional Anatomy – 1

Term I August – December
SON 1121C: OB/GYN Sonography I – 3
SON 1112C: Abdominal Sonography II – 3
SON 1212: Medical Sonographic Physics II – 3
SON 1804L: Clinical Practicum I – 2

Second Year

Term II January – May
SON 2122C: OB/GYN Sonography II – 3
SON 2814L: Clinical Practicum II – 3
SON 2150: Neurosonology and Superficial Structures – 3

Term III May-August
SON2171C Introduction to Vascular Sonography – 2
SON 2824L: Clinical Practicum III – 3

Term I August – December
SON 2061: Seminar in Sonography – 4
SON 2834L: Clinical Practicum IV – 3

Total Credit Hours: 77