Business Programs

Business Administration, AS – With an associate’s degree in business administration, graduates are eligible for a variety of entry-level to middle-management positions at various organizations. These may include wholesale and retail stores, service organizations, financial agencies, banks, large businesses, and government agencies. Students select one of the following specializations: management, insurance, healthcare administration, and marketing. Salaries vary based on the area of specialization and the industry.

Business Operational Management, AS – This program is designed for graduates of Ridge Technical College and Traviss Technical College who have completed a program of 900 clock hours or more. The program prepares graduates to move into supervisory or management roles in their chosen technical field. Eligible students are awarded 15 credits toward the technical skills portion of the degree. Estimated potential earnings with an associate’s degree in business operational management vary depending upon industry and experience.

Accounting Technology, AS – There is a steady demand for skilled accounting professionals in both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Entry-level positions are available in receivables, payables, payroll and auditing in all types of organizations. The program is also of value to the small business owner. Estimated potential earnings with an associate’s degree in accounting technology have a median salary of $45,560

Supply Chain Management, AS – The supply chain management program at Polk State College incorporates the newest technology and state-of-the-art equipment in preparing students to work in this exciting career field. Supply chain management graduates work in diverse areas such as strategic sourcing and supply management, project management, purchasing and inventory management, production planning and scheduling, logistics and distribution management, and quality management.

Graduates from the above programs can continue their education with Polk State College’s Bachelor of Applied Science. The degree provides individuals the opportunity to build upon foundational skills attained through associate-level study by completing upper-division coursework in management and leadership practices.