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Student Government (SGA)

Collegiate Senior Student Ambassadors 

Sponsor: Joy Greene

The Senior Ambassadors is an organization of senior students who actively participate in the planning and implementation of the next school year’s activities.  We have sign-ups in the spring. We meet over the summer months and plan a school theme for the following year, plan for the fall convocation, discuss and plan orientation for incoming students. This organization also helps to mentor new students in an effort to acclimate them to the college way of doing things and Collegiate life, while offering them an encouraging smile and a friendly face along the way. Senior Ambassadors also look for ways to encourage students to get together and form new friendships through student led activities.

Interact Club

Sponsor: Star Barham

United Way

Sponsor: Zachary Crum

 Science Club

Sponsor: Ms. Leah Whitehead


Sponsor: Jason Martin

The Collegiate Travel Club

Sponsor: Rick Jeffries & Joy Greene

The Collegiate Travel Club is an organization of students that believe travel is a worthwhile learning opportunity.  They believe that you can learn about people and other cultures as well as the history of our great country, just from traveling! Traveling teaches great life skills, like:

  • being patient!,
  • leave your comfort zone-it can be flying for the first time, or unfamiliar territory,
  • be curious-probe new ideas and curiosities like local customs or local food,
  • appreciate other cultures-gives you a perspective that is different from your other than just hearing or reading about it.
  • Live simply-you can survive with very little and get by just fine
  • Make friends with strangers
  • Try new things
  • To think creatively – no wifi?? How to take the Subway?
  • To find beauty in different things
  • You absorb history
  • Understanding a different way of life
  • Develop confidence

Collegiate travels once a year, during spring break. We travel during spring break so that no one misses college courses which could have a negative impact on their grades. We offer one of two trips each year.  One year we will go to Washington DC, and the next to  New York City.  We do this to offer a historical and governmental trip one year, and a cultural trip the next.

All Collegiate and Gateway students are invited to travel. Each student is responsible for covering their own travel expenses as well as souvenir money.  Travel expenses are all paid prior to trip departure and cover transportation, hotel, meals and any entrance fees. Students/parents are given a payment schedule to make things easier for some families.