Winter Haven Campus Library closed June 19-21

Posted on by Polk Newsroom

Summer is a slower time on campus which allows departments a little more time and flexibility to work on special projects. One such project begins this month in the Polk State Winter Haven Library and will require its closure from June 19 through June 21.

The librarians at the Winter Haven Campus, in partnership with the Facilities staff and Coast to Coast, an environmental services company, will address books that were damaged in the fall semester as a result of excess humidity that built up in the library due to a faulty air conditioning unit. The unit has since been repaired, but not before nearly 2,000 books sustained damage. The library will be closed so these books can be evaluated for cleaning or disposal. As part of the work, Coast to Coast personnel will be cleaning or disposing of damaged books and will engage in extensive cleaning and fumigation of the library before it is reopened to the public on Monday, June 24.

Consistent with Polk State Libraries’ Collection Development Policy, books considered for withdrawal and disposal will be cataloged, reviewed to determine if there are additional printed or electronic copies available, and reordered if desired. Faculty are welcome to email Chris Fullerton at to request the reports of withdrawn items and provide input regarding reorders and updates.

This is a very important project and the College is committed to ensuring that the collection and the environment are attended to with professional care.