Corporate College’s Supply Chain Management Institute Lands $1.2 Million U.S. Department of Transportation Grant

Posted on by Polk Newsroom

In recognition of its national leadership role in providing training for high paying jobs in Florida’s supply chain management and logistics industries, the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) has awarded a $1.2 million grant to Polk Community College’s Supply Chain Management Institute, one of eight institutes within PCC’s Corporate College division.

PCC was one of only five institutions of higher education in the nation to receive full funding from the U.S. Department of Transportation through its Transportation Education Development Pilot Program (TEDPP). Other fully-funded TEDPP grants were awarded to Penn State University, the University of Idaho, the University of Vermont, and California State University. Partially funded grants went to the University of Baltimore, North Dakota State University, and the University of Missouri.

“We are elated and proud to be the only community college in the nation to receive a fully-funded federal grant that will enable us to develop, refine, and expand degree and certificate programs offered by PCC’s Supply Chain Management Institute,” PCC President Dr. Eileen Holden said. “This grant not only reflects favorably on PCC, but also on our industry partners who have collaborated with us in bringing the Institute to fruition.”

According to Rob Clancey, director of the PCC Corporate College, PCC will receive $300,000 in each of the next four years and use the funds to expand and fine tune the Supply Chain Management Institute’s curriculum, establish a technically-advanced training lab featuring new computer hardware and software, and provide scholarship assistance for incumbent workers in the supply chain field who wish to pursue studies at the Institute.

“The grant will also give us much needed flexibility to add new programs to keep pace with the needs of our private sector partners and also allow us to share our expertise with other schools throughout the nation,” Clancey said, noting that the federal funding will help PCC achieve its goal of molding the Supply Chain Management Institute into a “model for the nation.”

Launched last summer, PCC Corporate College’s Supply Chain Management Institute evolved from a cooperative effort involving the Florida Banner Center, PCC, and leading firms in Polk County’s supply chain and logistics industry. Since its inception, the certificate-granting entity, under the leadership of Director Wayne Kline, has trained hundreds of people for jobs in Polk County’s supply chain industry.

At the present time, PCC is one of only two community colleges in Florida offering a training and educational program in Supply Chain Management leading to an Associate of Science (AS) or Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree.

“PCC is proud to be meeting the special training needs of one of the fastest growing components of Florida’s economy through its Supply Chain Management Institute,” Dr. Holden said. “The Institute offers a classic example of the great things that can be accomplished when the public and private sectors work together for the common good.”

According to the Employ Florida Banner Center, the average annual wage in Florida’s logistics and distribution sector is $48,669, as opposed to $36,804 in industry in general. Well trained workers in this sector can command up to $54 per hour, and the industry needs 11,000 men and women to meet current and future staffing needs.

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