Free Skill-Building Webinars Available From Capella University

Posted on by Polk Newsroom

Polk State College employees have access to free, skill-building webinars from Capella University. Visit to sign up for the latest offerings:


  • Your Network Is Your Net Worth. Learn the secrets to establish and maintain a truly powerful network. Then see how those connections can support your career goals, contribute to your personal growth, and help you make a bigger impact. 
  • Get parallel: Using basic parts of speech to make business writing easier to read. What’s wrong with this sentence: “I like to golf, swim, and running”? When items or ideas are linked together, they should be grammatically parallel—or else things get awkward in a hurry. Get tips and strategies for avoiding this common pitfall and powering up your business writing.

Can’t attend in real time? Download your webinar later. You can also explore more topics in the webinar archive. And don’t miss the new podcasts, where webinar presenters share tips and strategies in a portable, bite-sized format——look for them in the Webinars and Podcasts section of your education alliance page.

Along with webinar access, you’re entitled to other Capella benefits: a 10% tuition discount, scholarship opportunities, and more. Check out your benefits and discover Capella’s relevant, respected degree programs at call an enrollment counselor at 1.866.736.1746 to learn more.