First-Year Faculty Members to Present Work During Poster Session

Posted on by Polk Newsroom

Polk State’s first-year faculty members will be presenting the results of their student success projects during an informal, innovative poster session.

The poster session will take place between 9 and 10:30 a.m. on April 19 in room LTB 1100 at Polk State Lakeland.

Employees are asked to drop by at any time during the poster session to show their support of the College’s newest faculty members.

Presenters and their topics include:

A Quality Education Matters in I.T.
Presenters: Brian Hartpence, Gregory Johnson, Johnny Stewart

Assessing Self-Assessment
Presenters: Sallyanne Fitzgerald, Lisa Rosa

Improvement of Learning Skills
Presenters: Michael Derry, Margaret Strengel-Martinez

Incorporating Critical Thinking Skills
Presenters: Timothy Bradshaw, Janet Golden, Joey Maier

Presenters: Cary Gardell, Mackenzie Jennings, Tiffany Messerschmidt

Presenters: Maggie Chaffin, Michelle Manzi, Susie Moerschbacher

Rethinking the Standard Approach to the Teaching of Music Theory: A 21st Century Makeover
Presenter: Chris Sharp

Supplementing Content in Class with Internet Tutorials Outside Class
Presenters: Megan Cavanah, Bonnie Hardesty, Ken Rosever

Thinking Objectively: Methods for Improving Students’ Perception of Online Credibility
Presenters: Sanford Betz, Ben Gracy, Jason Mallory, L.J. Russum