Common Questions

  1. I don’t work for the College, but can I still make a data request?

    Sure! Whether you are a student, outside agency, or just an interested citizen, we will do as much as possible to get you the data you need. Understand, however, that our first priority is to fill internal data requests because such requests are generally made for the purpose of improving programs and services to our students. So please be patient with us, and allow us as much time as possible.

    Also, please understand that some of the information produced by IR can be of a sensitive nature. If we believe that your request is for highly sensitive information that may violate our students’ rights to privacy, such as grade distributions or identification of specific students, we may refer your question to the appropriate administrative office, which will determine if we can fill your request.

    If you are with an external media agency (television or radio station, newspaper, magazine, etc.), please call Polk State’s Public Relations Office at 863-297-1051.