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Glory Chen

Human Resources Assistant, Recruiting, Human Resources

Gabriela Coleman

Success Coach, First Year Experience, Success Coaching

Gaily Harrell

Student Services Specialist

Greg Harris

Professor of Psychology, Academics
Honors Teaching Area: Psychology

Gregory Johnson

Program Director & Professor of Digital Media, Digital Media Technology

Gordon Mayes

Program Director, Flight Experience, Academics, Aerospace

Gwyn Phillips

Professor of Nursing, Nursing

George Pilgreen

Interim Coordinator, Field Experience, Academics, Education

Gigi Riggio

Part-Time Librarian, Library

Gregory Rogers

Director, Institutional Research Effectiveness & Planning

Gwen Simmons

Teaching Lab Assistant, Charter High Schools, Polk State Lakeland Collegiate High School

Gary Smith

Assessment Specialist, Institutional Research Effectiveness & Planning

Gail Spence

Executive Assistant, Foundation & Alumni

Gregory Toole

Professor of Mathematics, Mathematics
Honors Teaching Area: Mathematics

George Urbano

Director, Facilities, Planning, Construction & Campus Operations