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Henry Cabra

Professor of Engineering Technology, Academics

Colleen Caldecutt

Professor of Biology
Honors Teaching Area: Biology, Independent Study, STEM Research

William Caldecutt

Professor of Biology

Sarah Campbell

Administrative Assistant I, Academics

Stephanie L. Campbell

Program Director, Upward Bound

Christy Canady

Administrative Assistant III, Academics

Susan Candia

Student Data Analyst

Jillian Capper

Coordinator of Clinical Education

Michelle Carter

Administrative Assistant I, Athletics

LaKeysha Cason

User Support Specialist II

Diane Caudill

Administrative Assistant III, Lakeland Provost's Office

Megan Cavanah

Professor of Mathematics, Mathematics
Honors Teaching Area: Mathematics

Pamela Cayea

Administrative Clerk, Business Office

Judy Cedusky

Teaching Lab Assistant, Teaching Learning Computing Center (TLCC)

Maggie Chaffin

Professor of Nursing, Nursing

Beverly Chapa

Librarian, Library

Denise Chiampi

Administrative Assistant II, Polk State Chain of Lakes Collegiate High School

Martin Chicas

Accountant, Business Office

Thelma Chicas

Professor of Foreign Language, Academics
Honors Teaching Area: Foreign Language

Heather Childree

Professor, Academics

Lee Childree

Professor of English, Charter High Schools

Angela Choquette

Professor of Nursing, Nursing

Marta Clinger

Sr. Program Specialist, Corporate College

Barbara Collette

Professor of Nursing, Nursing

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