Becoming a Mentor

  1. What is a mentor?

    Mentors answer mentees’ questions, help mentees learn their way around campus, offer encouragement, introduce mentees to College employees and other students, and generally help mentees feel more comfortable on campus.

  2. What are the benefits of becoming a mentor?

    • Mentors are rock stars at Polk State College! If you would like the admiration, respect, and appreciation of Polk State College faculty, staff, alumni, and students, become a mentor.
    • In addition to love and adoration, mentors receive $350 scholarships, leadership training, personalized M&M’s shirts, invitations to exclusive activities for mentors and mentees, and the knowledge that they are making a difference.
    • Mentors receive gifts from the College, campus bookstores, and more.
    • And did we mention you get free M&M’s EVERY MONTH?!!
  3. What are the responsibilities of a mentor?

    • Mentors need to be themselves, have a great semester, and share their knowledge and enthusiasm with their mentees.
    • Attend an 8-hour leadership training session over the summer
    • Attend M&Ms – Mentors & Mentee meet-and-greet event during the second week of school
    • Serve one hour at the Flight Leader table during First Week activities
    • Have one contact with mentees on a weekly basis. (Contacts can be made in person, or via text, email or social media.)
    • Help mentees become familiar with Polk State and get engaged in student-life activities
    • Help mentees locate academic support (TLCC, academic advisors, etc.)
    • Compete in fun activities for prizes and awards with mentees
    • Be a smiling face on campus to help ALL of new students feel at home
  4. How many mentees will I have?

    Mentors typically have between 3 and 5 mentees each academic year. Mentors meet their mentees in August and maintain contact until the spring term ends in May.

  5. What are the requirements to become a mentor?

    • Minimum 2.5 GPA and good academic standing
    • Mentors need to be comfortable meeting new people.
    • Mentors must have completed at least one semester at Polk State. It is also helpful if they are active in a group, club or program.
    • Mentors should be excited about the opportunity to play such an important role in the life of a new student and the chance to make some new friends.
  6. How do I become a mentor?

    Apply early! Applications are due by March 31. Interviews are held in April, and training is conducted over the summer.

Becoming a Mentee

  1. What is a mentee?

    A mentee is a dedicated student who seeks to grow personally, develop professionally, and successfully reach his/her academic goals with the support of a peer mentor.

  2. What are the benefits of participating in the mentor program?

    Mentees gain personal guidance, support, and information from a seasoned peer. Peer mentors are students who have been at Polk State for at least one year and are succeeding academically, socially, and professionally. Mentors help their mentees learn the ropes of college and get on track to graduate.

  3. Who can apply to be a mentee?

    Any first-time college student starting in the Fall semester.

  4. What are the requirements?

    • Submit an application
    • Attend a meet-and-greet with your mentor in the second week of school
    • Attend the fall picnic with your mentor
    • Attend the spring awards ceremony with your mentor
    • Complete your education plan/Flight Map with your mentor
    • Meet regularly with your mentor during the academic year
    • Complete short evaluations at the end of each month and at the end of the term
  5. How do I apply?

    Students must apply to join the Mentor and Mentee Program. If you are interested in applying, please fill out an application and return it to the Academic Advising Office.

  6. Does it cost anything?

    Just your time and commitment to your own success.

  7. What if I have additional questions?

    Email Program Coordinator Cate Igo at

  8. Can I decide to participate later?

    We have a limited number of mentors each academic year. Mentees and mentors will be matched as applications are received. If your application is received after all mentors have been matched, you will be placed on a waiting list and notified of your status.