Associate in Science in Business Administration

Business Administration

The Associate in Science in Business Administration degree program is designed to prepare students for employment in business occupations with emphasis on specializations in entrepreneurship, healthcare administration, management, insurance, and marketing. This program provides a broad study of business administration principles with a focus on those skills required to find employment in the chosen specialty.

The program consists of a set core of foundational business courses and the following specializations:


The Entrepreneurship specialization helps students turn their business ideas into reality. Through this program of study, students develop entrepreneurial thinking skills. Students develop skills in identifying, valuing and capturing business opportunities. This program is also of value to a small business owner.

Healthcare Administration

The Healthcare Administration specialization is designed to help students become familiar with the U. S. healthcare delivery system and develop supervisory and interpersonal skills required in the field.

Risk Management and Insurance

The Risk Management and Insurance specialization provides graduates with the information and skills to explain various purposes and functions of risk management within an organization, and enables them to utilize the principles of insurance to hedge risk in both personal and corporate scenarios. Graduates are able to apply risk management concepts and ethical advising in order to provide consumers with appropriate insurance options that encompass the best solutions to manage risk.


The Management specialization provides graduates with an understanding of businesses operations, business communication, human resource management and organizational behavior. Students develop skills to lead and organize employees, manage departments and facilitate projects.


The Marketing specialization graduates are prepared to play a role in developing marketing strategies for an organization. Student develop an understanding of product pricing strategies, product life cycles, consumer behavior, professional selling and product/business promotion.

Accounting Technology

The Accounting technology Associate of Science Degree program provides a solid foundation in accounting principles and practices to prepare a graduate for entry-level positions in nearly every industry. The program prepares graduates for careers in government, non-profit accounting, public accounting firms, and private industry. The program is also of value to small business owners.

Admission Criteria

Polk State College maintains an open-door policy for admission to the College. Prospective students with qualifying high school diplomas or an equivalency are eligible to apply to the Associate Degree programs. Students can apply for admission at any time and may begin taking courses in the fall, spring, or summer sessions.

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