Be prepared for online testing

Posted on by Polk Newsroom

The Fall 2022 Semester is off to a successful start. As classes are progressing, students are beginning to take their first quizzes and exams. Some instructors are using Honorlock, a remote test proctoring service, which allows remote, online testing for the convenience of students and faculty.

To ensure that students who are using Honorlock have the best possible remote testing experience, here are some reminders and tips.

In advance of the test, students should:

  • Have the correct equipment to run Honorlock. This includes a computer, webcam, access to Google Chrome, and the Honorlock Chrome extension installed on their computer. Students should also have access to a strong internet connection. More information about the technical requirements can be found here: Additionally, students who need a computer or webcam can reach out to the Academic Support Line at 863.669.2833, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to borrow equipment.
  • Identify a quiet, private space where they can work uninterrupted for the duration of the test. Students should be aware that as part of the test protocols, their testing area may be recorded on video to ensure that the testing environment is devoid of distractions and materials that are not allowed during the test.
  • Read the course syllabus and the instructor’s requirements for the test. This will ensure that students bring all the tools they need (and leave the ones they don’t) to the testing space.

Additionally, students who are using Honorlock should be aware that they will be recorded for the duration of the exam, and any unusual behavior during the test will be flagged for review. While the exam is in progress, Honorlock uses software to monitor the use of the internet and any electronic devices to search for answers to exam questions, in addition to any attempts to open new browser windows, copy and paste text, or leave the test session. Any of these types of activities are flagged for review.

If a student is unable to secure a suitable testing environment, they should speak with their instructor about exploring other options for testing.

Students are encouraged to ensure the best possible testing outcome by preparing their test environment, and themselves. Tutoring services are available in person and online. Information on tutoring is available here:  Additionally, professors are always willing to assist.