Applying for Polk State Nursing in spring 2025 for the fall semester? A&P I, A&P II & Math pre-reqs will need to be completed

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Starting with the application cycle in spring 2025 for the cohort that will begin classes in the Fall 2025 Semester, Polk State College’s Nursing Program will require the completion of BSC 2085C – Human Anatomy and Physiology I, BSC 2086C – Human Anatomy and Physiology II, and one of the following math courses: MAC 1105 – College Algebra, MGF 1106/MGF 1130 – Topics in Mathematics, or STA 2023 – Introduction to Probability and Statistics.

Applicants will need to have completed these courses with a letter grade of at least a C or better at the time of their application. Additionally, only one repeat of each course will be considered for evaluation of admission into the program.

This is a change from previous admission cycles where applicants could be actively enrolled and in progress to completing these courses ahead of admission and the start of classes. This change is to better facilitate student schedules and to ensure that students have the appropriate content knowledge from prerequisite courses for program success.

Individuals who plan to apply to Polk State Nursing in spring 2025 for the Fall 2025 Semester have the upcoming summer and fall semesters to complete these prerequisites. Polk State provides tutoring and support resources through the Teaching Learning Computing Centers.

Polk State Nursing has also changed its application windows to provide prospective students with more time to apply to the limited-access, highly sought-after program.

These requirements will go into effect for the following admission windows and beyond: October 1, 2024, through January 31, 2025, for early admission to the Fall 2025 Semester cohort, and April 2, 2025, through May 15, 2025, for general admission.

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