Admission Criteria

  1. Prospective students must gain acceptance to Polk State College as credit seeking students, with all required admission documents received by the Registrar’s Office.
  2. At the time of application and admission to the Health Information Management Program, students must have an overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 or higher and a grade of C or higher in all prerequisite courses.
  3. Students must complete the following program prerequisite courses by the August start date:
    • HSC 1531: Medical Terminology
    • BSC 1084C: Basic Anatomy & Physiology
    • CGS 1061: Introduction to Computers and Information Systems
  4. Students must have completed any required college preparatory courses:
    • Students must place above REA 0002 and ENC 0010 course levels on the state-mandated college placement test in reading and writing (or complete these courses) prior to taking HSC 1531 (Medical Terminology).
    • Students must place above the REA 0002, ENC 0010, and MAT 0012 course levels on the college placement test in reading, writing, and math (or complete these courses) prior to taking BSC 1084C (Basic Anatomy & Physiology).
  5. Prospective students must submit an application packet for admission to the Health Information Management Program to the program director by the application deadline of June 30 for the August class. Applications may be obtained online via the Polk State College website or from the Admissions Office at either campus.
  6. Prospective students must arrange a pre-admission consultation with the HIM Program Director or attend an HIM Program information session.