Study abroad opportunities return for Polk State students

Posted on by Michael Ferguson

For the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic, Polk State College students will have the opportunity to study abroad.

In the past, Polk State students have studied abroad in places such as London, Paris, Dublin, Athens, Madrid, and more. Studying abroad helps students develop life skills, increase cultural awareness, and helps them to think critically from a global perspective.

The next study abroad opportunity takes place from May 15 through 20 with a Bahamas cruise for Hospitality Management. Students can take Introduction to Hospitality (HFT1000) or Selected Topics in Business (GEB2930) courses during the term of travel with the trip. The cost is $950, which includes taxes, fees, gratuities, transportation, tours, and meals. The application and a $200 deposit are due by Friday, Jan. 12.

During the four-night cruise, students will get a behind-the-scenes look at various cruise departments to learn how they operate. They will also make a resort visit to the Bahamas. Each evening will feature a group business etiquette dinner where students will learn proper dining protocols. Students will be accompanied on the trip by Professors Paul Howe, Maria Lehoczky, and Ashley Godfrey.

Other study abroad locations for Polk State students in 2024 include Japan, France, and Costa Rica. The deadline to apply for the Costa Rica trip is Monday, Jan. 15. The deadlines for the Japan and France trips are Feb. 1.

All upcoming study abroad opportunities can be found here. For more information, contact Kim Simpson, Program Coordinator for the Institute for Global Initiatives at 863.669.4917 or