Polk State Employees Get New Name Badges

Posted on by Polk Newsroom

Polk State’s Office of Human Resources has recently begun rolling out new name badges for College employees. The new design features the College shield on the left and the employee’s name centered in a dominant position on the remainder of the simple, white plate.

The new badges do not include job titles or a spelled-out reference to the College. While these new badges may be worn anywhere (except, perhaps, in an MRI machine or a hot tub), they are intended specifically to enhance the Polk State campus experience for students and other visitors.

The design reflects this priority. The Polk shield provides a concise, graphical reference to our institutional identity and represents a direct linkage with the branding already in place throughout our locations. The employee name itself is as large as possible for the convenience of the student/visitor trying to figure out who you are. The title is not present for the same reason it is omitted in many leading service-sector organizations because our willingness to assist a student or visitor in need has nothing to do with our job titles and everything to do with our presence at and employment by the College. From the President herself to a part-time temp, we are all here to serve. If someone needs your title, hand them a business card. In the meantime, the badges help students and visitors see us all as part of one big team – here to serve.

Thank you for wearing your name badge with pride, and thank you for all you do to add value to the brand that shield represents! We are Polk.