Polk State Continues to Grow International Study Program; 2016 Destinations Include Bahamas, Europe

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Polk State’s burgeoning international study program is now enrolling participants for upcoming trips to the Bahamas, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy and Spain.

“These programs have been added to the schedule due to student requests for new locations and more affordable options,” said Program Coordinator Kim Simpson.

Not only are study-abroad locations selected based on student interest, but each trip is also designed to help students reach their educational goals.

“All of our programs are short-term, which is two weeks or less. Students can earn course credits while participating in a short-term study abroad program. The study-abroad programs are a supplement to the course. This year our study abroad program courses include anthropology, art, business, humanities, English, photography, science, Spanish and theatre,” Simpson said.

An added incentive for students considering studying abroad, Simpson said, is that financial aid is available to help cover the costs.

“Students who qualify for financial aid can use their excess financial aid towards a study-abroad program if they take the course with the trip, and it counts toward their degree. When planning to study abroad, students should contact me first to set up an appointment with financial aid to determine the amount they have available. Planning early will allow students to maximize their financial aid package,” she said.

Students who study abroad come home with much more than stamps in their passports.

“Students  are exposed to different cultures in the countries they are visiting while experiencing course material firsthand. These programs serve as confirmation for their studies, or sometimes a new direction of study. Many of the students who participate in the study-abroad programs have never traveled out of the state or on an airplane. Participating in a study-abroad program helps students to be more independent and confident. Students find these programs to be very rewarding. Several students have participated in more than one program,” Simpson said.

Case in point: Stonehenge.

The College has an ongoing relationship with David Jacques, who was a Fulbright professor at Polk State in the 1990s and is now a senior archaeology research fellow at the University of Buckingham and project director of an internationally significant dig site just a mile from Stonehenge.

Jacques has selected Polk State as the only American institution permitted at the site, which is the latest dated Mesolithic encampment ever found in the United Kingdom.

As a result of the Jacques connection, several groups of Polk State students have assisted in the Stonehenge dig.

“Polk State is honored to have been invited by David to participate at the annual dig projects in Amesbury. Our students have been able to work alongside David, his team of archeologists, and Amesbury community members. David finds specific project tasks for our students based on their areas of interest. Once on the site, David immerses our students in the project with site-specific lectures and hands-on project tasks. Through this Fulbright connection, our continuing relationship with David has presented amazing opportunities for our students to become part of a team and engage in activities at a high-profile international project,” Simpson said.

Trips slated for 2016 include:

May 10-21
Estimated cost: $3,150
Deposit deadline: Feb. 15
Participants in this trip will study humanities. Partial scholarships are available.

May 18-30
Estimated cost: $3,900
Participants in this trip will study humanities and business.
To register, visit efcollegestudytours.com and enter tour number 1711753AM.

May 19-30
Estimated cost: $3,180-$3420
Participants in this trip will study theatre and Spanish.
To register, visit efcollegestudytours.com and enter tour number 1738057KZ.

June 5-15
Estimated cost: $2,900
Deposit deadline: Feb. 15
Participants in this trip will study English and photography
To register, contact Simpson at ksimpson@polk.edu or 863.669.4917.

June 25-July 9
Estimated cost: $1,600 – 1 week/$2650 – 2 weeks.
Deposit deadline: March 28

Participants in this trip will study art, anthropology and biology.

To register, contact Simpson at ksimpson@polk.edu or 863.669.4917.

All trips are open to the public. For more information, contact Simpson at ksimpson@polk.edu.

Polk State College’s international initiatives include a growing selection of study-abroad and internship opportunities.