Polk State Business Professor Presents, Publishes Research

Posted on by Polk Newsroom

Polk State College Business Professor Herbert Nold presented at the 12th International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organizations in Chicago from July 6-8, 2012.

Nold’s presentation was titled, “Using Knowledge Processes to Improve Performance and Promote Change: The Continuous Loop Model and Cultural Enablers.”

Also, Nold’s paper of the same title was accepted for publication in The International Journal on Knowledge, Culture, and Change in Organizations; Nold is a reviewer and associate editor of the publication.

The Continuous Loop Model was developed by Nold to provide insight on organizational culture.

“I propose in the Continuous Loop Model merging elements of Japanese philosophy on creating new knowledge in organizations through socialization with Western philosophy drawn from Six-Sigma quality and productivity improvement processes,” Nold explains.

“The question becomes, ‘what does the culture look like that will enable the Continuous Loop Model to work?’ My research shows that organizations with high levels of credibility, fairness, respect, pride and camaraderie significantly outperform similar companies with lower levels of these attributes. My interpretation is that this is because socialization enables the organization to essentially learn faster than the competition. Therefore, the company adapts more quickly and generates more value by being more productive and innovative.”

Nold added that his conference presentation and paper combine his Continuous Loop Model and research on corporate cultures to offer practical insight for businesses.

“It says, ‘This is how you, as a CEO, can organize your firm to be more competitive, but you have to create the right environment that encourages and allows people to socialize and share what they know,” he said.

Nold has previously published articles in the Journal of Knowledge Research, Journal of Knowledge Research and Practice, The International Journal of Management, and the Journal of Intellectual Capital.

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