Ledger Invests in Legacy

Posted on by Polk Newsroom

At a recent Polk State District Board of Trustees meeting, the Board and the Polk State Foundation recognized The Ledger for its generous support of scholarship support for aspiring journalists at Polk State. The following is excerpted from the paper’s editorial page:

The joy of communicating and receiving knowledge, the excitement of learning and discovery, of broadening horizons and nourishing minds — these are at the heart and soul of a good education. And the essence of journalism at its best embraces this same meaningful purpose. Nothing epitomizes this better than the shared mission that powerfully links Polk State College and The Ledger. The Ledger has shown its devotion to providing excellent educational opportunities for aspiring journalists by its establishment of The Susan Barbosa Journalism Scholarship. With this endowed scholarship, The Ledger pays tribute to one of its award-winning journalists, Susan Barbosa, who died in 2002, following a year-long battle with cancer, and perpetuates her legacy of excellence for all time.

A Polk State College student who dreams of impacting individuals and the community through the power of journalism is enabled through this award to achieve his or her goals of a higher education. The Ledger has further displayed its commitment to education by the vital role it has played in recent years in the success of the Polk State College Foundation’s Wine for Wisdom event through its generous sponsorships.

The Ledger’s passionate commitment to fulfilling this endeavor is evident by its gift of $60,000 to the Polk State College Foundation… 

The College is profoundly grateful for such visionary and generous partners!