Financial aid self-service is available for students in Polk Portal

Posted on by Polk Newsroom

Preparations continue for the Fall 2024 Semester and starting on Friday, July 5, students can check the Financial Aid Self-Service section of the Polk Portal for information about the status of their financial aid applications. Students who applied for financial aid and have incomplete applications will be notified via their Polk State email by the end of the day July 5 and will be instructed to check the Portal for more information regarding how to complete their applications. The College encourages all students to monitor their Polk emails and view their financial aid status in the Financial Aid Self-Service section of the Portal.

The College will soon provide financial aid awards that can be viewed in the Polk Portal. Within a few days, some students will see their eligibility for Federal Pell Grants in self-service. Additional funds, loans, state grants, and scholarships will be rolled out in the coming weeks. Please note that financial aid awards are being processed in phases and students should monitor their emails and check the Polk Portal for updates. As additional financial aid is awarded, email notifications will be sent to the affected students who will be instructed to check the Polk Portal for details.

More information about the Polk Portal is available on