If Dreams Could Talk: A Reflection By Ryan Frazier in Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Polk State student, Ryan Frazier, provided this inspiring poem, “The Value of A Dream.”

For Ryan, a part-time student at Polk State while he works full time in Winter Haven, the dream includes a strong education and the ability to achieve his goals of becoming a creative writer and performer in the years to come. This is what Dr. King envisioned: students chasing their dreams, making their lifelong goals a reality. At Polk State College, students like Ryan can live up to their full potential and can realize those achievements they work toward every day.

Be inspired by these words and the incredible message of hope. Soar Eagles!

The Value of a Dream

By: Ryan Frazier

If dreams could talk what would yours say about you? Would it be dreams of a better world like Martin Luther King or would it speak so boldly of negative things that you’re probably glad it’s something the human eyes can’t see? They say dream big but is your dream so big that it seems farfetched or is it big enough to be fulfilled? Because his dream seemed farfetched until it started to become fulfilled and for some that balance just doesn’t make sense. But in order for your dream to become a reality you have to speak it into existence even when fear, negativity, doubt, and hatred are somewhere lingering in the distance. I dare you to dream when you’re awake because the reality of your dreams can change the world without altering its shape! Let freedom ring, let freedom ring, let freedom ring was a constant echo of his dream. But for a second I’d like to talk about my dream. A dream to let the freedom of speech and expression ring so loudly that it pierces your heart and allows you to feel new things. I DREAM standing boldly on hope because I carry a vision that the world may not give much clarity too. I DREAM because anyone can be outstanding but it takes a special person to stand out! I DREAM because if I don’t I suffocate my potential and life makes it hard to breathe. I DREAM because there are no terms or conditions I set the standards for my life. I DREAM because without it I have no purpose and although I’m alive I would never have lived a day of my life. I DREAM because the best things in life are free, and yes dreams are free but when your dream starts to become a reality at that moment it’s priceless! So I ask you, if dreams could talk what would yours say about you? But dreams can talk so the better question is when will you wake up and decide to let your dream speak?